Need your input please

I’m working on a ‘composition doll’ project and can’t decide whether the wings should face UP or DOWN.  Usually when I’m in a quandary,  I’ll ask Michael for his input.  But there are only 2 choices here and we each like the opposite better.

Here’s what I started with.  A poor raggedy doll from the thrift store.

Here’s what she looked like after I took the scissors to her!!  Poor baby!!  What’s that wire thing on the left???  I’m using it the try to create a ‘Santos like’ cage doll.

I applied some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze to the head, hands and fabric to grubby it up a little.

Then hand stitched her top half and the cage skirt together.

Neatness doesn’t matter because when finished it won’t show.

Then I needed to find something to use as the base. Ah~HA!!  An old cheese board might work!

Perfect fit!!  I glued it in place with some e6000

I actually ‘dressed’ her BEFORE I added the wood base.  Just forgot to take pictures before moving on.  First, a hand stitched 2 layer tulle petticoat; stitched on.

Then a vintage lace skirt, hand gathered and stitched in place.

Nice and POUFFY with that petticoat underneath!

A scrap lace waist band glued into place.

A lace collar glued into place to cover up an untidy head connection.  Then a lace shawl, cut from a piece of vintage lace and glued into place with a button closure.

The original hair was pretty easy to just YANK off; but there was a big dark brown spot that it covered up.   Since I plan to only giver her a crown (no new hair!) I needed to disguise that brown spot.  A bit of flesh colored paint topped with the tobacco glaze worked just fine.  It won’t show a WHOLE lot with the crown, so it just needed to ‘blend in’.

For the crown, I glued some vintage hymnal pages to cardstock.  sized it to her head and glued in a circle and let glue dry.   then with a very pointy pair of scissors, cut my crown points.

 View of the top of the head with the crown in place.

MIGHT glue a small doily round to cover that spot up, not sure yet.  The crown will be the last thing to attach, so I’ll see how I feel about that when the time comes.

The more I looked at her, the more I felt she needed ‘something more’.

Maybe angel wings???

I took a bag of fabric rose petals from Dollar Tree to make ‘feathers’ for the wings.

Cut each petal into 2 feathers, one slightly bigger than the other.

Grubbied up the ‘feathers’ with my tea stain recipe.

Cut the wings out of some cardboard and individually glued on each feather.  THIS is where I need your input.  Should the wings face DOWN, like in this picture?

Or UP like in this picture???  OR maybe it’s not just the ‘positioning of the wings?!?!  Now that I look at the pictures, maybe they are just too BIG for this doll and I need to make a smaller pair?  A smaller pair that goes straight out and doesn’t have to be faced UP or DOWN????

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  1. I think the wings should face down. What a wonderful ,beautiful way to recycle a discarded doll.

  2. I like them down….you come up with some very creative ideas….

  3. I think they are a little too big but do like them pointing down better!

  4. Yes, narrow them (like folded angel wing type) and pointing down looks nice

  5. I hate wings on human objects, especially child-like items….reminds me of death. But if I HAD to choose, I’d pick “up”.

  6. I think down and maybe just a little smaller. She is beautiful however you finish her off. Your imagination must run wide open all the time! Great ideas!!!!!

  7. Love your creations!! I vote to make them smaller they over power her and down or atleast straight out. Hugs

  8. You are so creative! I love the wing idea. Brilliant! I like them facing down, personally. Even if you do make them smaller.

  9. I’d go a spec a smaller and down. I personally love her…she would be perfect in my room 🙂

  10. At first I thought Oh No but as she progressed I like her…I like the wings down,it looks like she is getting ready to fly…great piece of folk art,great for a victorian home,little girls or big girls rooms…Very creative!!!

  11. I like down better. Love your creativity!!!

  12. I love this project. Really clever and frugal. I love those Santos dolls and have coveted one forever. I will be honest though, not a fan of the wings. I think wood or paper mache wings would go better. Even covered in more sheet music.

    Love your projects. Keep them coming!

  13. Up is my vote. Life should be uplifting.

  14. Wow, I am again in awe of how creative you are!!! I never would have thought of turning that (ugly) doll into something so wonderful!! I vote for the wings down. 🙂

  15. She is absolutely beautiful I just seen some of those black things you used for her body at the GW looked and looked at them trying to think what I could do with them back tomorrow see if they are still there I want to make one for my dresser I am pinning this for sure thank u

  16. I love her. I like her wings down

  17. up and they are perfect the way they are…how clever to use the grubby rose petals:)

  18. Up for sure. Your amazingly talented.

  19. I like the wings down and a little smaller would look better…

  20. I like the up position, but I do think the wings are a bit large. Nice job! I think the petals were a great idea.

  21. This is a great little project – you have inspired me to make my own christmas tree fairy this year! I prefer the wings pointing down.

  22. Wow! Just found your site. Thanks for all the ideas…love this one. :o) Clever, clever ! I may have to try it too….so cute! fondly, Lori

  23. Love this doll and the way you used so many different random things. I have featured it on my blog. It’s great to connect with another artist who loves creative reuse.

  24. Where did you get that wonderful wire base? Fantastic project!

  25. i buy angel/cherub figurines from the dollar store, wrap their heads in a towel tap it w a hammer and voila! !a lookalike frozen charlotte!
    then i did the same w their wings
    same w any figurine from thrift shop or dollar store : dog cat bird statues
    just knock their heads off
    good therapy

    ps: wings up

  26. Hi from Ontario, Canada! I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Santos but realize I’ll never find one. I remembered your post & have now bought a thrift store doll. I have to look for a suitable base. Is your base a lamp shade? I think I’ll leave off a skirt but perhaps, glue on a piece of tea-stained, torn cheesecloth or something. Re your question, I’d love to see the wings smaller (narrower & shorter) and pointing down. Thank you for your instructions and your excellent “crown” idea!.

  27. I think the wings should go down.

  28. The wings are a bit large for her santos torso, but I wouldn’t remake them. The wings definitely need to go up! It gives her lift, like an angel would have. I love love how this project has turned out. I’m mostly astounded that you were able to locate all your parts. The cheeseboard that was the right size. Astonishing !! I love santos dolls, but can’t really afford one. I’m inspired! Maybe I can make one for myself! Question- just wondering…why aren’t you using any rhinestones or pearls? Many others I’ve longed for had some bling. Curious?

    • Not that my doll is ANYTHING like a real Santos; but the simplistic style of Santos figures was my inspiration. Real Santos are not adorned with any kind of bling, and I’m just not much of one to use it either. Just not my style. BUT, to each their own and if you like bling . . .bling it on! aj

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