Trash to treasure; French glass bottles

Well, actually ‘recycle’ to treasure!  Because we would never THROW away a glass bottle.  It goes to the recycle station, along with about 70% of the rest of our ‘trash’.

These bottles contained some fruit flavored carbonated beverages from France, so I decided to save them.

Waited until last week to make them because I usually make labels for stuff like this on my computer, and print them up.  Alas, my printer did not get re-installed after the recent CRASH, and I have been unsuccessful in doing so myself.   So I had to make the labels ‘the old fashioned way’ (as you can probably tell by the smudge!)

I rifled through my multitude of rubber stamps and found the fancy ‘love’ stamp.  Used 2 different sizes of alphabet stamps for the rest of the label.  Stained the edges with ‘my’ grubby stain recipe (available to purchase in my etsy shop)  First a layer of old sheet music, then the label I stamped.  The  cotton trim along the bottom came already printed (AND is also for sale in my etsy shop!)

Around the necks, I glued a strip of paper, wrapped a lot of string, then tied on a little reproduction skeleton key.

Simple as that!


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  1. Love these bottles! Truly a great job! 🙂

  2. I just have to say you are so “dag on stinkin’ cute”!
    Your blog inspires me. Thanks for sharing.

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