My ‘under $4.00 window covering’

Found this HUGE blat basket while out thrifting last week.  It’s 3′ x 3′, and it didn’t have a price tag when I saw it.  So I gingerly dodged the other shoppers while balancing it atop my shopping cart to get to the front counter to ask for a price check.  Didn’t really have my heart set on buying it yet since I didn’t know how much it was, nor did I even have a potential use for it.  But it was unique because of it’s size alone, so it was worth an inquiry.   AND at this particular thrift store they have a habit of ‘pricing HIGH’ on items w/o tags that people ask about.  Guess they figure you REALLY want it, so they can give you a higher price.  That trick doesn’t work on ME though.  If the price is higher than I was hoping, I politely say, “thanks, but I’ll pass’.    To my delight, it was only $3.99.  SOLD.

Our living room has these STUPID ‘decorative windows.  I HATE THEM.  Really I do!  Back when my living room decor was ‘primitive / Americana’ I had an awesome vintage American flag that hung over the windows to hide them.    Haven’t been able to think of anything else to cover them since redecorating to a lighter shabby country style decor.  Actually had Michael cut me a piece of plywood big enough to cover them, and planned on ‘painting something’ on it and hanging that over the windows.

But the minute I brought the basket into the house, that light bulb in my brain went off!  Ah -HA!!!!  I can hang this over the windows!!!  It’s not quite big enough to cover the whole thing, including the window moulding; but I’m leaving it there for now , until inspiration strikes again and I think of a way to ‘make it work’.

So far I’m considering raising it to the top of the moulding, and making a burlap ‘ruffle’ to go across the bottom.  AND I may end up dry brush painting it a lighter color.  AND I really think it needs ‘a little something’ handing in the middle at the top.  Like a bunch of dried flowers.  Something simple and organic.

I still need ‘one more thing’ to complete the decor to the left of the window too.  Just haven’t found the ‘right thing’ just yet.

Got any ideas on how I can ‘doctor up’ that basket to make it fully hide those windows???   Should I just forget about the basket  and just make a full size burlap curtain to cover the windows.  Do you think burlap will look too heavy?  I have some muslin color burlap I could use?  Muslin curtain with a burlap trim?  I’ve got a roll of burlap ‘ribbon’ my friend sent to me (Thanks again Beth!) that would be perfect trim.

BTW, I KNOW that lamp looks ‘off; in that spot.  It’s there out of necessity for now; until Michael gets our new sofa and bench built for the living room.  I won’t bother tweaking stuff until EVERYTHING is done.   But it might be nice to get the window out of the way for now.

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  1. Too cute! I wud “try” hanging from top of window after dry brushing maybe a lite neutral or black (depending on which way you wanna go cause the color now is wrong with the other accessories (just my opinion)! and add the burlap ribbon to the bottom. I think that would be sooooo cute!

  2. i think you should use the windows to your advantage and do some stain glass treatment on them! : )

  3. Hi,Maybe if you turned the basket so two corners were striaght up from one another and put some berry veins on top it would like a wall treatment instead of trying to hide something.I enjoy all your creativity,keep it coming.


  4. These ideas all sound cute. My first thought was a muslin valance at top with maybe a little black trim. And shabby up the basket a little. Get eye to think of using it for the window!!!

  5. what about lowering the sign you have above the window and shabbying the basket to match?

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