Another ‘altered doll’

Saw this pic on Facebook and HAD to look!

I’m intrigued and a bit frightened!   Says she’ll be showing how she painted them tomorrow, if you want to take a peek here.

In the original angel wings post, someone commented that she’d seen one of  ‘those black things’ like I used for the cage base at her local thrift store, but couldn’t think of what to do with one.  I’ve been SEEING them for YEARS at thrift stores.  Seems to be one in every thrift store I go to every TIME!  I finally caved and bought a few, thinking I could use them somehow for some kind of primitive lamp shade.  Having NO IDEA what the heck they were really for?!?!

Just out of curiosity, did any of you recognize it for it’s originally intended use?  

SERIOUSLY???  Seriously.  Such humble beginnings . . .


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  1. If I am not mistaken they stick a can of beer in the center of the cone while it cooks I have never tried it but have seen them for sale at wal mart.

  2. I used that chicken roster all the time when i was younger it is kind of like what the do for a drunken chicken.

  3. Just found this via pinterest pins thankyou for sharing my work and linking to the original page ps I did add the step by step 🙂

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