The votes are in on the angel wings controversy

Not everyone who commented specified ‘up’ or ‘down’; but of those who did; 4 voted for up and 12 voted for facing down.  I didn’t want to tell you which direction I preferred vs. what Michael liked better, so as to not influence the voting process.  I liked them better down, but almost immediately after I posted the pictures I decided on NEITHER, and set to work on a SMALLER pair, using tea stained music pages cut into leaf shapes.  And made them ‘not so directional’.


Here’s the previous options.  I still LIKE that pair of wings, just not ON this doll.  Will probably make them to just hang on the wall as a decoration.

Now that I’ve solved the wing debacle, I’m kicking myself for having not painted the base and cage before I attached them.  And I’m not sure I even CAN go back and do it now because I’d need to use spray paint and she is NOT removable anymore at this point!  sigh.

Looks like this one will end up in my ‘personal collection’ of ‘not quite right’ projects.  I can never seem to keep the ‘perfect ones’ for myself.  So I end up with the ones that aren’t good enough to sell.  I still LOVE them, imperfect as they are; because they are the ‘first fruits’ (so to speak) of my inspiration and have sentimental value.

Maybe I will display her among my globe collection, which will kind of hide her base.  Might be kinda cool having an angel overlooking the world (s!)

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  1. The new wings are a great improvement! As far as painting, can you tape off her top part with newspaper and tape or whatever, and spray the cage?

  2. Gorgeous – love the new wings.

  3. She looks great! The wings are more in proportion to the body. I think you did a wonderful job!

  4. I think you’re right, the first wings are lovely but just aren’t right for her.
    The sheet music wings are so much better in size and shape. I really like how they coordinate with her crown too. Very nice, Prim and Pretty. I seriously doubt you’d have any trouble selling her.

  5. I think you can still salvage the base. I would put a plastic bag over the top of her and make sure it’s sealed well(tape it closed) at the bottom, then spray paint the base in what ever color you wanted. Pin up the skirt so you could get the bag closer to the bottom of the doll.
    The smaller wings look better too! Good luck!

  6. The new wings definately fit her. She looks great!

  7. Maybe a longer or fuller skirt would help with the base. I think it still looks good, but maybe it would balance it out a little. I love your ideas by the way, and my daughter and I have already ‘stolen’ quite a few! Thanks so much!

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