YIPPEE!!! I got an armillary!

I have wanted an armillary FOREVER!  Have NEVER come across one at any garage, rummage, estate sale or thrift store.  I’ve seen some pretty good hand crafted ones using embroidery hoops, and had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that is I wanted one, I was going to have to have to make my own.  ALAS!  I found one last week at Goodwill!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-HA!!!  You say!  THAT’S what an armillary is.   I’ve seen them in a lot of decorating magazines and high end catalogs.

Now normally I don’t even LOOK at an item that is over $10.00 at the thrift store.  But it just so happens that I had received my $10.00 FREEBIE certificate the week before.  (with the Goodwill club card you earn $10.00 free every time you spend $400.00 over any period of time)  I usually spend that $10 on something I might not normally buy; something for ME!  (OMYGOSH!  look at all that dust!  ack!)

AND it just happened to be SENIOR discount day, so I practically got my armillary for FREE.

For now I’ve nestled in amongst my globe collection atop the entertainment center in the living room.  Might move it to the guest room when I get back to finishing it up.  (Whenever THAT might be!)    I had tried putting some of my globes (the cream color ones) in the room, but it just didn’t ‘work’  for me.  I’ve accumulated quite a few new accessories for the room, so we’ll see what happens when I start working with those.

For now, I’m just doing a HAPPY DANCE over my great find, and practically getting it for FREE!

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  1. That is beautiful! I had to google it to see what an armillary was and now I know. So happy you found one. Enjoy!

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