More painted suitcases

I think I’m  ADDICTED!  Once you paint one, then come across more REALLY CHEAP (ugly colors!) suitcases, you’ll be hooked.

These little cosmetic cases didn’t have enough space to do a very BIG design, so I used my alphabet stamps on these.

TRIED to do something on the TOP, but with it being curved it was too difficult.

One for the BEACH!

Another Paris with chandelier.

Smaller Paris with different chandelier.

The little one that started it all!

The  BIG MAMA; and final one, for now.  (until I get my hands on MORE suitcases!)

P.S. To answer a question left in a comment;  the Eiffel Tower on that last suitcase is a laser cut wood one from the craft store that I just painted black.  The chandelier is made from thick felt; also from craft store, but a couple of YEARS ago.  Been saving them for just the right project!

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  1. Im gonna send you some money and let you buy me some to redo!!! Haha, Around here an ugly (and i do mean ugly) original not paint makeup case goes for around $25. I don’t think so!!! You must be a great area for these. I have lucked up on one suitcase for .99 but that was it. The rest have been a small fortune and as I say they are revamped and pretty like yours. I would still have to do the work! Love the tags? the Eiffel tower and chandelier. What are they made of? Hard to tell in the picture! I get so excited when I see a new blog from you!

  2. should be “they aren’t” !

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