Re-purposed old canvases – BACKWARDS!

Now, I consider myself pretty creative in coming up with ideas for re-using and re-purposing stuff, but I don’t think I’d have EVER thought of this!  Taking old canvases and flipping them  BACKWARDS to make into wall pockets is the brainchild of Cathe Holden HERE.  Click on that link and visit the original post for the complete how to’s.

As always (or so it seems!) as soon as I see a great idea like this, my wheels REALLY start turning.  It’s like a spark that ignites the creativity in me.  I immediately thought of how frequently I’ve come across those old open box type little wall display shelves; with four wide sides and NO backing.    I see them ALL the time and have NEVER bought one because I had NO IDEA what I could do with it.  They would be PERFECT for this project!

It really wouldn’t even be that hard to make your own frame from scratch!  Just take four boards (all the same size for a square, or 2 different sizes for a rectangle)  and nail them together, no mitred corners necessary!  Add a backing and take it from there.

So NOW when I go out shabbyshopping, I’ll have to remember to look at things BACKWARDS too when searching for inspiration!


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  1. Wow brilliant

  2. I have used old canvas add chicken wire on back for earrings , S. Hooks for necklesses, as a key holder , belts , pets cloths thank for this thought to, M.

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