WHAT was she thinking?!?!?

I just about fell off my couch when flipping through the latest issue of Martha Stewart LIVING magazine.  I admire her for ‘building her empire’.  She’s obviously selected the ‘right people’ to work with/for her to maintain her image throughout the ups and downs of her life.  Where OH WHERE were ‘those people’ when someone talked her into wearing THESE capris for this photo shoot?!?!?  Has she really ONLY hired ‘YES’ people, and no one brave/bold enough to tell her that she looks GAWDAWFUL in those pants???

Where are the fashion police when you need them?!?!?

Seriously, those are THE MOST UNFLATTERING ‘things’ I’ve ever seen in a professional photograph!

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  1. And those shoes…

  2. Gah, you have hit the nail on the head with that observation!! When I saw the thumbnail pic on your facebook post, I thought she was naked from the hips down!!! And that pose does nothing for her either!!

  3. Really???????????????

  4. WOW horrid

  5. I have to say more power to her and I don’t think she looks that bad….. I hope I can wear those when I am 70 ! :o)

  6. I agree — I did a double-take when I saw that picture!! She may look good in them at her age, but they were not the pants to wear for this advertisement. They’d be cute to wear to a New Year’s Eve party or something like that!

  7. I’m seriously thinking it is a photo shopped pic. Why the magazine would do that, I’m unsure. But look how short her neck is to the shoulders. I don’t recall Martha ever having a neck that short. It’s almost sitting on her shoulders.

  8. Lol! that is horrible. It looks like a joke was on her.

  9. It’s not JUST the dreadful gold glitter capri pants – it’s the sandals too. They look like she pulled them from her grandmother’s closet and glued platform soles on them. This choice reinforces my disdain for all things “Martha Stewart.”

  10. Oh my goodness!!! “It’s Not A Good Thing”
    Just found your blog but couldn’t find a button to follow.
    I love your blog, so many great ideas. So, for now I’ll just bookmark your page. A want-to-be followers, Connie (come visit my blog)

  11. Omg! I thought the same thing, the whole outfit is gosh awful! I think somebody who hates her dressed her, lol

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