FAQ: What sells best?

Donna from Texas left the following comment:

“I am a huge fan of yours.. I don’t live in your area but I keep up with all your blog post.  I have a space at a craft, antique, collectible resale in a smaller town a suburb of Dallas Tx. It’s a new place opened in the last 6 months. Can you tell me what sells best at your booth? I craft, sew, refinish and repurpose stuff. Mainly home decorations”

I’ve decided to answer it in a post as opposed to replying to her comment because I figure it’s the kind of thing that a lot of readers might want to know too.   Now keep in mind, that what sells well for ME, here in Oregon, might not sell as well for you in your location.  

Case in point, for part of the time that we had our own store, we also had a space at Stars and did one show in the spring and fall.  And even amongst those three closely located and related venues, different things sold well.  Seasonal decor sold well in the store, but not at Stars or the show, as an example.  There are many more, but I won’t bore you with all that.

The point is, you have to figure out what sells best in YOUR market on your own.  It doesn’t hurt to ‘model’ your inventory plan after what someone else says sells well; just don’t hold yourself to it!  Be flexible.  Be observant!   Pay attention to what is selling well FOR YOU, and don’t keep your space stocked with stuff that ISN’T moving.  Keep it fresh.  Rearrange and restock weekly at the minimum.

All that being said, I defer to this post where I listed the top 11 things I CURRENTLY look for when shopping for my space.  It is ever changing and evolving too.  

Just as important, if not MORE important than WHAT you stock your space with is HOW you stock and arrange your space.  Try to do it in a way that shoppers might use that same display idea in their own home.  Blend old, new and handcrafted together.  Afterall that is what most people have in their homes, isn’t it?

Good luck to all of you who are working on similar ventures.  And feel free to comment on what sells best for you in your area.

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  1. Sounds like good advice Donna. We are not lucky enough in montréal , To have craft malls, but I will be taking a shot at it in the fall and opening a stall in the flea market. There are many inspirational bloggers and etsy vendors hereabouts. I especially love hearing from Trash2treasure !

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