Spring has sprung with new bird and nest decor

Bird topped cloches.  Birds from Michael’s (40% off!) attached to thrifted glass containers with e6000 adhesive.

BIG thrifted hurricane globe topped with thrifted bird.  Bird was the solid dark color.  I lightened up and brought out the details by sponge painting on a bit of light tan craft paint.

Thrifted hurricane vase topped with Dollar Tree rooster.

ALL of the following pedestals came from thrift stores.  I stockpile them until I am ready to repurpose them in a craft project.  They were various colors; I spray painted them all white to match the white birds I bought at Michael’s (40% off of course!)  All the birds are glued in place using e6000.

SO, I had all these pretty white birds on white pedestals all finished up and sitting on the dining room table; awaiting price tags and to be packed up for their destination of either Stars or the spring show.  The ones for Stars have been taken in . . . but after looking at the rest of them sitting on the table I decided they weren’t DONE!  One more little detail to add. . .

CROWNS!!  Pretty little glittery crowns!

MUCH better with the crowns, don’t you think???  Now I’m going to have to bring home all the ones I took to Stars, add the crowns and take them back in!

Visit my Dollar Diva blog   to see the tutorial for these bird cloches with nest.

And now for some nests!  Again, thrifted bases, spray painted white.  Nests glued onto containers using e6000.  Little blue eggs were leftover from ones I painted last year.

And yes, I even glue down the eggs and feather!

And to some I added some little Dollar Tree birds; glued down

Some of the WOOD bases I decided to distress.

Decided the nests needed a little ‘fluff’, so I added a pinch of Spanish moss (buy mine at Dollar Tree for MUCH less than the same size bag sells at craft store!)

Added little birds, bought at Dollar Tree.

 Couldn’t find the nests I needed anywhere locally; so I ended up ordering a CASE of them from Craft Wholesalers on line.

These little cuties also got the ‘royal treatment’  . . .

But their crowns are made of vintage sheet music instead of being glittered.

This little shadow boxed bird got a crown also.  I just didn’t get a picture of it.

Look for these items in my booth at Stars and at Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar at the Washington County Fairplex; April 24th – 28th.  

AFTER the show, I will be adding what’s left (OR will make more!) to my etsy shop.

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