FAUXzen Charlotte dolls

Don’t you just love the old Frozen Charlotte dolls?  Even with parts missing, they are SO sweet.  I’ve started seeing a lot of them being used in altered art, and wondered WHERE everyone was finding all these old dolls.  And some looked to be only the FRONT half of the doll.  Hmmmmmm . . .  I wonder if there is a silicone mold out there for making your OWN???  I sought (via the internet) and I found!

Sorry, I don’t know WHY my digi camera keeps getting out of focus!  And I can’t really TELL when I ma taking the pic because I don’t have my reading glasses on!  Oi!  The joys of getting OLD!  Anyhoooooooooooo . . .  I found mine on a site called ARTICUS STUDIO.  It was $11.95 for the mold; $17.94 total with shipping.

The very smallest one on the mold isn’t worth making, but here are the other four; AND a partial one I made to use up the last bit of my Fimo.  I’ve been mostly making the largest ones, and I can’t get 8-9 from one little brick of Fimo clay.  I chose white clay to make mine because the original frozen Charlotte dolls were white.  But the detail is difficult to see in white, so I glazed mine with a bit of Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze; and this is the final outcome.

And now that I HAVE them, what am I going to DO with them?!?!?’

I started with a collage in a picture frame.


Then found this thrifted wood stationary box and decided to collage the top of it.


This was a thrifted clock, that I BROKE while trying to remove the clockworks to repaint it.  It’s been sitting in my stash for YEARS awaiting a project.  It’s day finally came!


Then I decided to do the covers of these kraft journals:

The wings on this one are an embossed butterfly that I bought in a packet at Michael’s during the last 30% off sale.

The glittery crowns are made from scraps from some glitter New Years hats that I cut down into crowns.  Couldn’t just throw away all those pretty glitter scraps!  This particular crown was made using a die cut punch, but it was REALLY hard to punch and I was afraid I was going to BREAK my punch (and those things aren’t cheap!)  So I switched over to hand cutting the crowns.


Here’s one of the ‘half’ body ones I made with lace wings and one of the hand cut crowns.

I really like the half ones just as much as the whole ones!

On this smaller one, I used one of the gold glitter crowns for wings!




And another ‘head and torso’ only one with lace halo and kraft wings that I cut from a scrap.



I’m planning on listing these on etsy, but might not get ‘aroundtoit’ until after the spring show.  

I’m also toying with the idea of just adding wings and a crown to them and packaging them up like that to sell for those who want to create their own thing.  Is that something YOU would buy?    Which of the journal covers do you find most appealing; and why?

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  1. Beautiful creations love them all!!!

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