For the love of BEACH!

Loading up the Cruiser with as much stuff as it will hold to take to Stars and restock.  Want to be sure it’s EXTRA full, in case I am too busy with the show next week to get in.  THEN it will be time to load the trailer for the show.  Doing a LOT of pricing, wrapping and packing this week.  Which does not make for very fun blog fodder!  So I found THIS to spark your inspiration!

I love, LOVE, love glass floats!  I Soooooooooooooooo covet a big bowl full of them every time I go to the coast and see them for sale.  Alas, the price is just too high for my and my frugal fingers simple CANNOT pry open my wallet to ‘shell’ out the cash!    Thanks to Craftberry Bush blognow I (and YOU!) can make my own!!  

Might not be able to find the BIG clear Christmas balls just yet, but trust me; I WILL be buying a BUNCH of them as soon as they are available!   Making some to keep for myself, and lots more to SELL.  

I’m already pondering ways to ‘tweak’ them a little.  Like maybe using the decorative fish net you can buy at party supply stores to wrap them in, instead of tying the jute myself???     Pottery Barn sells a set of six of them for just over $25.00.  Even paying full price for the glass balls, I’m sure this DIY is MUCH cheaper!

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