My latest obsession (in case you hadn’t already guessed!?!) CROWNS!

Yep, I’m putting CROWNS on everything lately!  Everything looks better with a crown!

Glittery crowns.

Vintage sheet music crowns.

Little stick on bling crowns for flat surfaces.

Crown for heavenly beings.

Teeny tiny glitter paper crowns.

Framed assemblages with crowns.

Collage top treasure boxes.

Vintage repro birds . . . updated with vintage sheet music crowns.

Little figurines with crowns.

Vintage cherub candle holders with crowns.

Ceramic birds on pedestals with crowns.

Tin plaque birds with crowns.

Little feather birds with crowns.

Tiny teddy bears with crowns.

Pink piggy banks with crowns.

Resin birds with crowns.

LOTS of birds with crowns atop cloches.

Have you caught CROWN FEVER yet???

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  1. I love the unexpectedness of the crowns! So cute!

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