New pictures from Stars

SO, I had intended to get around to posting these pictures yesterday.  Alas, THAT post kind of went WAY out in left field (sorry for such a LONG rant!) BUT, writing it all down DID bring me some clarity and a few new insights to mention my next appointment.

Anyhoooooooooooooo . . .I was really short on time at Stars and had a lot I wanted to move around.  Got about HALF of it done!  Didn’t get ANY of the new product out, but at least the major stuff that I wanted to move, got moved.  So next week will be an easy trip.  Here are the new pictures:

Moved this shelf from the back right side of the booth, to the front; and moved some of the white dishes from the small booth to here.

This cubby shelf is just sitting on top of  the lower shelf; and holds all the crocks and dark ironstone.

White dishes moved from other space.

Also moved this cubby shelf from the small space.  It was on top of the big enamel table.  HOPING that if I clear some of the clutter off that table, that it will SELL!

Still a lot of white dishes in the smaller booth; just not as crammed in!

Put some lighter and more open and easier to move stuff on top of the table for now.

You can better SEE how big the table really is now.

I did get a couple of new items taken in; like this awesomely rusty metal corner shelf!

Little old step ladders are great display pieces!

I always seem to cluster the round tables together!  Never have enough ROOM to spread them out!

Old book love.

I’m always amazed at how much I can cram into such a small space!

Dessert pedestal plates.

Vintage rusty cart (with electrical outlet!) and vintage sweeper.

Bring mom in for a Mother’s Day shopping treat!

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