To distress or NOT to distress? THAT is the question.

Decided to add a carved wood applique to this little shelf to ‘oomph’ it up a tad.

This is the one that I selected.  Glued it on with some tacky glue; and set a couple of heavy books on top to hold it down firmly while the glue dried.

As I was spray painting the added piece, the over-spray pretty much covered up all the distressing I had done previously.

So I just decided to ‘leave well enough alone’ and did not RE-distress it.  Figure if the purchaser WANTS distressed, they can easily do so themselves.  BUT if someone were looking for a NON distressed piece, it’s less likely they’d buy a distressed piece and repaint it.    Is there ANY logic to that thinking?!?!


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  1. I love the after…I would not distress this one. It looks great!

  2. I really like it better with the applique and not distressed.

  3. Normally I like the distressed look, but in this case, I like the ‘after’ better!

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