My etsy shop news. What’s NEW and what’s changed.

Sea glass wreath pair.

Sweet little cupcake stands WITH yummy chocolate truffle candle!  Crown not included.

Set of four shabby beach cottage plaques.

Primitive frames signs.


Princess party theme photo holders.

Frozen Charlotte treasure box.

 Frozen Charlotte mini plaques set.

Framed bird collage and little nest.

Framed paper butterflies.

Shabby lantern shellscape.  Beach wedding decor?

Framed repro skeleton keys,

Frozen Charlotte assemblage.

Nest and eggs in a vintage shabby urn.

Bundle of four shabby old books to decorate with.

As for what’s CHANGED: After much thought, aggravation and consideration, I have decided to no longer offer custom signs in my etsy shop.  More often than not, it ended up that I’d spend the better part of a day conversing with a potential purchaser, hashing out all the details; only to have them NOT follow through with the purchase.

With the ‘bad’ inquiries FAR outnumbering the ‘good’ ones, I just decided that my time would be better spent CREATING and LISTING product; than spinning my wheels and going nowhere with custom inquiries.

BUT, that doesn’t mean I won’t DO custom sign orders anymore!!

I just no longer want to ‘put myself out there’ as a custom sign maker to the WHOLE ETSY WORLD anymore.  I hope that makes sense to you all, and doesn’t offend anyone.  I just need to be sure I am BEST UTILIZING my time and energies.

Feel free to email me with your custom sign request, and I will get back to you with a price quote.

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