To paint or not to paint?

For me personally, the answer almost ALWAYS is to PAINT.  But every so often I find something that catches my eye for what it IS, instead of what I imagine I can make of it.  Things like this kneeling angel:

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!?!?!?

I think she appeals to me so much because of how her face resembles that of the carved Santos dolls.  (which I have coveted forever!)

The ONLY thing I really don’t care for is the color of her ‘panties’.

But they really don’t show that much from the front.  And it would be easy enough to JUST paint over them and leave the rest of her ‘as is’.

LOVE the wings too!  Have you seen the carved wings, similar to these mounted on a pedestal; just the wings?  Love those too!  WISH I could figure out a way to MAKE those!

Well, for now I guess I’ll just sit her next to my cage doll that I made a while back, and ‘think on it’.  I’m probably going to KEEP this one for myself, so there’s nu rush on deciding.

What would YOU do, and why?

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  1. Definitely do not paint. This looks like a vintage piece, and the wear is marvelous. To paint would make it common. Worth more as is. Don’t even paint the paints. Her face really looks vintage. I love her. Look on at the prices for similiar pieces. They are ridiculously high.

    • I promise this is my last post. I’m not totally in gear this morning. I would put her on ETSY just as she is.

  2. That should be “Don’t even paint the PANTS”

  3. For me, I’d paint the pants but that’s it. The chippiness (is that a word? sure it is ) is perfect!!

  4. I would definitely NOT paint anything!! She is perfect as is!

  5. It’s vintage. You will probably ruin the value if you paint her. She’s fascinating.

  6. OMGoodness please don’t paint her, she is gorgeous as is! Her ‘flaws’ are an encrypted story…a history of the places she has been and of the lives her idle eyes have witnessed. Painting her would erase that story!

    • Just so y’ll don’t think I would ‘paint over’ a valuable antique, this angel is NOT OLD. Not new either, but most definitely not an antique. She is made of resin and has been purposely aged and dinged up. (very authentically so, I must add!) Possibly came from a Nativity set?


  7. I would ….

    … sell her to meeeeee just as she is ! She’s beautiful, AJ ! Hope this finds you doing well … Blessings, Patti

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