Vintage metal vanity chair

Been on the hunt for one for a while now, to go with the little vanity I have at Stars.

Finally found this little metal one at GW.

Primed it with a gray spray primer, then sprayed it flat black.

Now it just needs a cushion!  I didn’t have any round ones on hand, so I cut down a square foam pad I had.

Found this simple black and cream fabric in my stash to cover the cushion with.

Hand stitched some ribbon on the bottom to secure it to the chair.

Nice and CUSHY!

Ready to go to Stars!

And here she is, at Stars; awaiting a new home!


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  1. OMG! That is the exact same chair my Mum had when I was a little girl. Except hers had a pink fluffy furry cushion. They were very popular in the late 60’s! I was thinking what if you put velcro tabs instead of ribbons? The velcro would hold better with the movement of a bottom, I think. Gorgeous little makeover.

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