The BIG GRAPHIC numbers trend

You know what I’m talking about.  For a while you couldn’t hardly visit a blog without seeing a furniture project, be it a table, chair, bench or chest; that didn’t have some of the BIG graphic style numbers painted on it!  Of course, NOW that I want to look at some for examples I can’t find them!?!?  Even looked on PINterest.  Which  is where I found these few examples:

Usually the pieces are more rustic / industrial; like this:

And sometimes you’d see the numbers SPELLED out; ONE, TWO, THREE etc.

Every time I saw those things, I told myself I should make some.  Just never had the perfect piece (PIECES!) until now.

Picked up these three little grubby stools a while ago at a thrift store and have been waiting for ‘inspiration’ on what to do with them.  The TOPS are worthless, so I knew they had to go.  Finally decided on making them into a SET of three square matching tables.  NOW I’m pondering putting those big numbers on top?

Are you SICK of seeing those?  Is that trend ‘over an done with’?  Got any other ideas / inspirations as to a design/theme for painting a set of three tables??

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  1. I love your next project, maybe you could put a leafy branch spanning all three with a bird sitting along it somewhere. That would give a sense of consistancy while making each one slightly different. Just a thought.

  2. maybe spell out in French, or big number with French spelling small underneath?

  3. Love your idea for re-purposing the stools, but personally I would forget the numbers.

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