Vintage baskets ~ shabby chic update

Found these old baskets at a recent rummage sale.  They’re fine as they are.  But  I like to add some ‘oomph’ when I can. So I decided to ‘dry brush’ them white.

Just ‘barely’ load your brush with paint, then wipe some off so your brush is almost dry.  Then using a very light touch, brush the paint onto the baskets.  The paint will only hit the ‘high spots’ of the basket, creating a nice shabby chic contrast.

Just right for a softer spring look!  These 2 baskets just happened to both be a light color or begin with.  The dark, more primitive baskets can be dry brush painted just as well.

It literally takes just MINUTES to fry brush paint a basket like this.  Got any old tired baskets YOU need to update?!?  


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