Another do-over: shabby chic white to beachy blue

Even with as much painting and re-vamping as I do, I don’t always ‘get it right’; and some things just DON’T sell.  This shabby white coffee table for instance:

It’s a NICE solid maple table, very simple lines; would pretty much ‘go with’ any decor.

  Coffee and end tables usually sell very quickly for me at Stars.  So after this one sat, unsold for a good six months; AND rearranged at least a dozen times,  was time to re-think the paint job.  so I loaded it back in the car and brought it home.

Gave it a good sanding with my orbital sander and some COARSE sandpaper.  (had to be sure I got all those tan stamped designs off so they didn’t show through when I distressed again).  Painted it my GO TO color this time, beachy blue.

DOH!  Didn’t quite capture what I was attempting to in that photo.  Was trying to show the grooves in the legs!  I started off thinking I wanted to SAND and distress the legs with my orbital sander, just as I had done the table top.  But it was just ‘too much’ on the legs.  Made them look too busy.  So I quickly repainted the one leg I had sanded.

Then just added a dab of Ralph Lauren glaze to the routed spots on the legs and wiped it away so it ONLY stayed in the indent.

And there she is!  All freshly made over and ready to go to Stars later this week.

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  1. Looks great!

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