Newly stocked at Stars

All those pretty turquoise furniture projects I’ve recently posted have now gone to my space at Stars Antiques in Portland

Had to do some serious STACKING to get it all to fit!

First, the coffee table on the bottom of the stack.

Then the two night stands.

Then a two tier little side table I painted a while ago.

And that nice big jewelry chest on top of that!

Then, of course, I had to ‘fill in the blanks’ and accessorize!  A big painted mache box on the bottom of the little shelf; and a white grouping with a tall Newel post finial and a vintage baby Christening gown, and a cloche.

Shabby white wire baskets under the coffee table; filled with assorted bowl fillers.  (I use every possible INCH of display space available!)

Now I’d really PREFER to display this white candelabra by itself on a table, but you can’t pay the rent with things that sparsely stocked!  And gas prices being so crazy high, I have to cram in as much as I can every time I make the 2+ hour round trip!  I digress . . . sorry!

I just LOVE the creative display opportunities that a piece like this allows!  This week I have my tiny shabby chic white birds with crowns, covered with handcrafted cloches on the candle pedestals.  (Last week I had it in my other space, with a lamp and vintage white creamers on the pedestals!

HOW CUTE is that?!?!?

A wee little grouping on top of the mache box.

And a few new signs hung to the left of the jewelry chest.

This big shelf with the six compartment cubby shelf on top of it, WAS at the front of the booth; where the stack of new furniture is.  ( the shelf is NOT for sale; the CUBBY IS for sale)

Yep.  I unloaded the entire thing and moved it and then refilled it!  I usually try to put furniture at the front of the space when I have a lot of it like I do right now.  Just much easier for the staff to get the pieces out for a customer that way.  Well worth the extra work.

Just to the right of the stack of aqua furniture, is this smaller stack; a vintage drawer shelf and a little turquoise shelf.

On the right hand side of my big booth is a stack of benches with a small shelf on top.

All these benches and shelves were made from scratch, by Michael and me; and using reclaimed wood.

MORE benches.  Some plain.  Some with Paris designs.

Stack of little benches.

Little aqua/white stripe shelf with bun feet.  LOVE me some bun feet!!

Changed up quite a bit in the ‘wall booth’ too.  It just needed to be de-cluttered and brightened up a bit with some pops of COLOR!

I rearranged the stacked crate shelving to make room for the red vintage washing machine cabinet.

Pretty blue and white French country dish towels.

Green corner shelf to display the dessert pedestals on.

Moved the tall ‘spinner rack’ that was in this spot, over to the other booth.

Some aqua and green apples under the table.

Some new aqua signs.

Colorful vintage thermos trio brightens things up too.

And re-set the table.

Put a vintage shabby white carrier atop the bench where that candelabra was.

A gathering basket filled with spools of crochet thread.

And put new place settings on the table!  I love rummaging through my stash of dishes to see how many I can stack up in graduating sizes like this!

So come on down for some great shopping therapy!

Stars is open 7 days a week; 11am – 6pm.


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  1. You are doing such great job! I always check out your site. Too bad I cannot shop in your store because I am in another city.

  2. Everything looks beautiful as always

  3. Dear AJ’s Trash2Treasure I have the question for you. Today I got a birdcage clock at Union Gospel Mission’s thrift store, I want to repaint it and cell. My question is – what is the most sellable color for kind of this thing or birdcage? Thank you.

    • It’s really difficult to give an opinion on something that I cannot see. SO I will say that WHITE is always a safe color to go with.


      • Thank you very much.

  4. I love the stacked dishes! It also helps show how one could buy more and store them; especially in kitchens with little storage!

  5. I just love your Space it is Beautiful!! I am now following you!

    Huggs, Nancy

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