Giant fork and spoon

No before pic, sorry;  but you’ve seen them a bazillion times!  Those big wooden forks and spoons with the carved wood handles.  LOVE the big fork and spoon look.  The carved handles?  Notsomuch!

Here’s how I dealt with those unsightly handles!

So, first of course, I spray painted them flat black.

Then I took a spool of jute twine,  smeared some tacky glue all over the areas of the handle I wanted to cover, and started wrapping!

Because the carved parts had raised areas, I had to wrap the lower parts several layers to get the handles covered more evenly.

It really only took about ten minutes to wrap each one.  I just glued the end piece down with a bit more tacky glue.

Not a bad update, eh?  These guys will be making their public debut soon in my booth at Stars.


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  1. Clever and very neat ! :o)

  2. So glad you posted this…saw a set at the flea today and thought what a shame they had those ugly I think I’ll head back and pick them up. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Gorgeous as usual. I love your work sooooo much.

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