Little sea horse table do-over

The longer I looked at my painted sea-horse table, the LESS I liked it.  See the entire  original project HERE.

I TRIED to like the neutral black/tan color combo.  Really I did!!

And THEN I painted these little metal  wall sculpture sea horses.  Had multiples of them so I could try different colors.  Liked the aqua SO much better on these, that I decided to repaint the table too.

Bits of the tan paint still show through in spots, adding more interest.

NOW it’s ready for me to take to Stars!


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  1. So, if a person wanted to buy the seahorse table before you take it to Stars,,, how would I go about doing that? What is the price? Love your stuff! I live in Hillsboro alsoThanks

    • The price on the sea horse table is $29.95. To buy it before I take it to Stars; you’d have to pay for it via PayPal in advance. Then I’ll arrange to meet you somewhere in Hillsboro to deliver it to you.


  2. Have to agree it looks much nicer now!

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