UPCYCLED cupcake or Wedding cake pedestal stand

Why spend a small fortune on a nice BIG Wedding cake or cupcake pedestal stand; when you can easily make your own?!?!

This big scalloped edge aluminum platter had been sitting on my ‘to do’ PILE for quite some time.  My original thought was to use it as a ‘canvas’ for an altered art piece.

I bought the white ‘vase’ intending to use it as the pedestal for a cake stand made using a regular size plate.  Alas, it was just too BIG and just looked too heavy underneath a white dinner plate.

As I went to put it in my ‘spare parts’ box to use some other time, my big platter caught my eye!

I stacked them together to eyeball the proportions.  PERFECT!

These vases from Edible Arrangements are fairly easy to find at thrift stores.  This particular one is much fancier than the others I usually find.  But they are PERFECT to use pedestal bases for projects like this.  Be sure you put you WIDEST part facing DOWN, for the best balance.  (sometimes that will be the RIM, like here; and sometimes it will be the actual base)

Attached my base to my platter with some e6000 adhesive, and let cure for 24 hours.

Then I just spray painted the WHOLE thing flat white.  Yes, the base WAS already white, but GLOSSY.  I wanted the top and pedestal to match perfectly, so I painted the whole thing.

A perfect display stand for a quaint country wedding!

It is available for purchase in my booth at Stars Antiques in Portland.

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