Making do: Salvaging the broken

I LOVED that big white ceramic bread box!  It was ‘one of those thing’s that I was REALLY tempted to keep for myself.  But I talked myself into taking it to Camas (back when!) because it was such a great addition to all the other white dishware I had for sale.   You can see it on the second to the bottom shelf.

I almost CRIED the day I went in to find it sitting on the FLOOR, with the lid cracked in half!!!  Such a beautiful piece; RUINED!  I couldn’t throw it away though.  For quite some time it sat on my paper craft work table as a ‘catch all’  for scraps of paper I wanted to save.  Finally decided to try to ‘dress it up’ and ready it to sell again.

I used some double-sided tape to hold the burlap ribbon in place.  I didn’t want it PERMANENTLY attached, and it just slid right down without anything holding it in place, so the tape worked best for that.

Added a little just string and an embossed kraft tag, and called it good!

So now it;s at Stars, awaiting a new home.  Who knows!  Maybe someone had one like it and broke the BASE and kept the lid?!?!  It’s makes a nice planter box otherwise.


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