STARS will be OPEN July 4th!

Latest photos of my booth at Stars:

It’s a difficult piece to display; look to the right of the shelf, just behind the buckets.  It’s a BIG OLE piece of vintage white molding!  Would make an awesome mantle piece or wall mounted head board.

And here’s that white sea horse planter I just showed you.  OH!  And if you look reeeeeeeeeeeeally closely in the bottom right hand corner, you can see the crowns I put on that cherub soap dish that I an using for my business card holder.  I’ll TRY to remember to take a ‘proper’ photo of it next trip.

A pretty good stash of white pitchers on hand just now.  While I’m ALWAYS on the look out for them; the bigger ones are really hit/miss and hard to find.  The creamer size are much easier to get ahold of.

The glass ‘vase’ with jute wrapped around the top is one I just made, and forgot to take a separate photo of.  Just happened to have this ONE sand dollar with the hole in it to tie on to the neck!

Galvanized buckets make fun trash cans for an office or craft room.

THE big lantern with a new interior display.

The art of STACKING!  Two benches, a small curio shelf AND a little corner shelf with a lamp on top!
Gotta make the best possible use of every square inch of display space!

 Just one bench on the bottom of this stack; two tier end table on top.  Treasure chest topped with a few smalls.

Stack of white dishes.

White elephant creamers.

White cow creamers.

NEW 100% cotton dish towels in neutral tones.

Interior of the vintage washing machine shelf.  Perfect for storing all your laundry products out of view.

Blue and white cotton dish towels.

Little metal scoop light.  Perfect for lighting up a wire door cupboard.

Lotsa old wood utensils in vintage crocks.

STARS is open 11am – 6pm; seven days a week.


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