Bold paint colors on walls: To paint or not to paint.

This post started out as a reply to a comment in my blog, but I decided it really needed to be a post.  Someone asked about ‘my beachy blue’ paint color because they wanted to paint some wall that color.

Here’s the answer to ‘what color do you use? ‘  Just in case anyone is wondering.

As much as I LOVE color, (obviously!) I would NEVER paint the walls in my home a bright color.  I’m not even a fan of accent walls.   My preference for wall paint is, and ALWAYS has been, soft neutrals.  And I KNOW the ‘real design world’ would argue profusely with me on this, but I have GOOD reasons.

1) The color you are ‘in love with’ today WILL change. Do you really want to have to repaint an entire room when you tire of that color?

2) The design trend WILL  change too! Used to ALWAYS be on the ‘sell this house’ make-over show that they DEMANDED all neutral walls in the homes they helped update for sale.  Then all of a sudden it’s RED accent walls in every home! What’s next?!?! Who knows!  The point is, it’s GOING TO CHANGE!

3)  Do you REALLY want to re-paint over those bright walls in a few years?

If you just can’t stand to NOT have some bright or bold color on your walls, at least start with just an accent wall.  ‘Live with it for at lease a MONTH before you commit to an entire room.  Better still, live with it for a YEAR before committing to doing a whole room.

You may LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE all that color in the sunny months; but it might be totally DEPRESSING come the long dreary days of winter.  (Especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest!)

4)  There are a bazillion OTHER WAYS to bring glorious color into a room.  Less permanent and overbearing  ways.  Less expensive ways.  Less time consuming ways!  AND more flexible ways!  With your ACCENT PIECES and accessories.

Personally, I even prefer very neutral sofas and bedspreads.  That way, IF I want to, I can change the entire color scheme and feel of a room on a shoestring!

If you are STILL really REALLY dying to paint a whole wall or room, try this first.  Go to the dollar store and buy 10 or so pieces of poster board for 50 cents each and paint them your color.  Hang them on the wall and see how you like it.  I know, it’s a little extra time and money to invest, but TRUST me; It’s a LOT easier to pull those off the wall then to re-paint over a red wall!

HOW do you bring color into a room if not on the walls or you primary piece of furniture?  Everything and/or anything else!  Throw pillows and comforters on a sofa.  Pretty curtains (even if there AREN’T any windows; you can still hang curtains!)  Hang colorful tapestries on walls.  PICTURES!  Gallery walls of colorful frames, JUST the frames with no backing or anything inside!

Small accessories on shelves can (and should be!) color themed.  Balanced with neutrals.  Pretty up your book shelves by covering your books with colorful paper.  OR turn the books BACKWARDS for a more neutral look.

Paint your other furniture!  Coffee and end tables, benches, stools.  Lamps?  Sure you can paint lamps bright pretty colors too!  I WISH I had examples to show you, but I think you get the idea.

Just BE SURE you really can LIVE WITH a color before you commit to painting a whole room!

P.S.  ONE Exception!  I DO like color on BATHROOM walls.  But they are pretty small rooms!

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