NEW IN MY BOOTH AT STARS: Rustic weathered wood beach furniture.

Michael was in the mood to do some furniture building last week, so now I’ve got some awesome rustic weathered wood pieces in my booth at Stars!

TWO sweet (and STURDY!) little end tables.

Wonderfully weathered gray wood.
VERY reasonable priced at $29.95 each.


BIG rustic weathered wood coffee table.

This one sells for $59.95

And this simpler plank coffee table is $49.95.

I was going to add a quick coat of gray wood wash to ‘even out’ the fade pattern on the top, but Michael thought it added interest, and wanted it left as is.  He won.  Whomever purchases it can always even up the color on top.  But once it’s covered up, there’s no going back.  Path of least resistance won out!

Tiny little stool or plant prop.  $8.00  I use a LOT of little stools like this in my display work as risers!

An old weathered gray tray.  (as found)

And I made a batch of hand lettered signs on the scraps he had left over!

Signs are $10.00 each.





Added some new white dishes too.  Don’t you just LOVE the lacey cut out on those plates on the bottom of this stack??

The weathered wood stuff goes beautifully with the beachy blues!

Stars is open 7 days a week; 11am – 6pm.

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