Fell down and broke my crown!

Well, I didn’t really fall down.  But I DID have a broken crown!

A cute little votive candle holder crown that is!

I am always ‘on the hunt’ for little crown items for my personal collection.   This one caught my eye while out thrifting.  The price was right, so in my cart it went.  Either I didn’t NOTICE the missing piece, OR perhaps it got broken off in the cart.  Either way, I was bummed when I got home to find it in this condition.  sigh.  

Fimo to the rescue!!!  I had been making a batch of the fauxzen Charlotte’s and decided to see if I could make a replacement part out of the Fimo.  Took a while to get the exact right size; but finally did and gently pushed it onto the bare point of the crown.  Let it air dry like that overnight; then baked it (the clay piece)   in the oven (per the package instructions) the next day.  THEN after it cooled, I put a DOT of e6000 into the teeny tiny hold and replaced on the crown and let the adhesive cure for 24 hours.

Then I spray painted the whole thing gold.

And you really can’t even tell that I repaired it.

Now it’s a perfect little addition to my crown collection!


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