Bed canopy made from old ladder ~ Awesome REpurpose!

How SWEET is this?!?!

To read the entire post, hop over to Laurie’s blog, CHIPPING WITH CHARM.

We’ve got one such ladder in our stash, but it’s ‘earmarked’ to be used as a shelf when we get a bigger space at the antique mall.  AND it would have to be cut down to fit in my shabby chic bedroom to use like this.  BUT, maybe Michael will find another, shorted one that I can use.

I’ve been itchin’ to dive back into finishing up that bedroom; but just not sure WHAT I want to do to finish it?!?!?  I’ve got a pile of wall decor stuff (keys and crowns) but don’t want to start hanging them until I finalize my shelf placement, so I know where the usable wall space will be!   And THAT mostly involves sorting through the stuff  (supplies and half completed paper craft  projects!) I’ve let ‘pile up’ .   Waiting for inspiration to strike!

A new old ladders sure would get me motivated!!

I think I’d probably MAKE (er, have Michael make FOR me!) brackets from old wood though, instead of using the metal ones like Laurie did.  (although if I still had kinds at home like she does, I WOULD use the sturdier metal ones!)

Any other awesome ideas you’ve seen out there in bloggeritaville using old ladders lately??


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  1. I agree about the metal brackets. Maybe even paint some old cast iron ones antique white or your awesome “beach” blue or green.

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