Time to re-group and reorganize!

LOVE having my etsy shop; especially NOW that I’ve got enough inventory in it that things are selling regularly.  Steady sales keeps me MOTIVATED to keep listing new items on a regular basis.  HOWEVER, it also creates a MESS for storing all that inventory!  sigh.

Since I am listing all kinds of different things in my etsy shop, HOW to store that inventory from the time I list it until it sells has become quite the challenge!  The wood signs are easy, just stack them on a shelf.  AND pretty easy to find ‘the one’ I need when it sells by just looking through the stack of signs ‘that size’.

It’s all that other stuff that is causing me GRIEF!  This is the best system I can think of.  Feel free to share if you have any better ideas!  I’m all ears!  As I take pictures of the items I make a list to use for doing the etsy listings, AND another ‘inventory list’ to attach to the box I am putting those items into.  Many (MOST!) of those items are odd shapes and breakable, so I need to wrap them in protective paper as I box them up.

When a box is full, I tape the inventory sheet to the box and put it on one of a few designated etsy stock shelves.   When things sell, I have to look at the inventory list on each box to find the sold item and remove it; and cross it off the list.  Right NOW, I am at the point that several items have sold from EVERY box of inventory; and I’ve got a bunch of partially full boxes and no room for any more!

I’ve just GOT to stop and go through every single box and combine them and make new inventory lists; before I can start adding NEW inventory.  And I guess this is just something that I am going to have to do every few months.

As of the last couple of years I HAVE gotten my ‘seasonal craft supplies’ all boxed up separately so that I only have the ‘currently working on’ season’s stuff IN the house.  The rest are in plastic storage tubs in an outdoors storage shed.  So THAT has helped limit the clutter in my  work area.  (although you’d never GUESS that to look at it just now!)  I always seem to have at least a dozen projects ‘in the works’.    Want to get ALL those done and out of the way and get my craft tables clear of clutter too.

And the other thing I really need to work on is WEIGHT LOSS!!!  ACK!!!  It’s like my metabolism totally STOPPED when I hit fifty nearly 8 years ago, and I’ve gained a few pounds every year.  All of a sudden (not really, but so it seems!) I’m 30 pounds heavier than I want to/should be.  I’ve always worn loose-fitting clothes, and I’ve been able to ‘ignore those pounds’ BECAUSE I haven’t had to buy new clothes.  All the old stuff still fits, albeit not as loosely.

With my bad back and lousy lungs that only function at 35% capacity, and hips that have bothered me ever since my spine surgery; the ‘sensible diet and exercise’ route is just NOT enough for me.  (Oh, AND I have a bad heart too!  severe aortic regurgitation)   Just slowly climbing one flight of stairs will leave me ‘winded’ for five minutes.  Swimming is out too.  I ma allergic to chlorine AND my body just no longer ‘twists’ the way it must to swim.  My head cannot turn far enough to get a breath face down.  ALL legitimate REASONS.  But I also KNOW that I’d feel better without all this extra weight.

SO, I am going to try Atkins.  Bought the book, “Atkins for Life” for $1.00 at a rummage sale and am reading it.  It’s not going to be easy for me because I’m really NOT a big ‘meat eater’.  And I LOVE dairy and carbs!  AND I’m allergic to Splenda; which is currently in just about EVERYTHING labeled low-calorie or low carb!

Want to know WHY I  am allergic to Splenda?  Do you know WHAT Splenda is?  The commercials say ‘Tastes like sugar because it’s made from sugar.”  Well gee!  That sounds harmless enough to feed to our children, doesn’t it?  It’s made from sugar all right. CHLORINATED SUGAR!  They remove the calories by Chlorinating it????   Tis true.  They never SAY it!  But I looked up how it was made after I had an asthma attack the first time I tried the stuff.

Also have Dr. Phil’s ultimate weight loss book; which appears to be the same principle, limiting ‘bad carbs’ and properly combining the good carbs.  BUT, as I glanced at some of the dessert recipes in the book, they ALL called for ‘non calorie sweetner’.  Guess I’ll just do without ANY kind of sweets!  I’ve tried Truvia too.  Not allergic to it, just don’t  like the taste.

My BIGGEST challenge on the low carb diet is going to be shopping/cooking for what I NEED and what Michael WANTS.  He is a sugar addict, and he admits it.  I can avoid eating sweets by not having them in the house.  But if there are here, and he’s sitting beside me eating cookies, I want some too!!!

He’s also NOT a very good ‘vegetable eater’.  Will leave his vegetables half eaten on his plate and get up from dinner and go straight to the cookie jar!  Right  now I MAKE HIM hide the cookie jar from me in his den.  And he just brings it back out to the kitchen when it needs to be refilled; and I bake a batch for him.

Sooooooooooooooooooo . . . if anyone has any tips for successfully sticking to the Atkins diet plan, I’d LOVE to hear them.  OR any ideas for cooking dinners that BOTH of us can be content with.  Breakfast and lunch aren’t really a problem, just dinner.    OR just if Atkins worked successfully for you when all other attempts to lose weight failed.     ANY advice is welcomed and appreciated!

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  1. I think that no matter what kind of storage solution you come up with, you’ll always end up reorganizing every few months. Then again, it just shows how succesfull you are. About the weight loss.. I get that it is extra hard to do it when you have so few options. I know that if I want or need to lose weight the best solution for me would be to get a regular work out. Considering your options I think Atkins might just be your best bet. I understand that it is hard to keep to it when your hubby is eating everything he feels like but in the end it’s up to you to keep going and once you’ve finished it and feel bette because of it, you know it was worth all the hard work. However, I do feel dat Micheal needs to help you out as much as he can and maybe even consider eating healthier himself. As far as dinner ideas; he does eat some veggie’s so you could make enough for the both of you, same goes for the meat. If that isn’t enough for him you could make some potatoes, but only enough for him. It’s hard to resist eating some of them aswell but that’s where you’ld have to use your willpower to get through it. In any case, I wish you he best of luck and I really hope you will succeed!

    • Oh, my Dear! I do SO feel for you! I spent ten years gradually getting heavier and heavier…and sicker and sicker. The answer, in a nutshell, is to stop eating anything that comes in a package. NOT the answer you want to hear, I know. Atkins is not the answer, I’m afraid. Carbs are not the only enemy you need to know about! All that lovely, convenient food in the the store is pretty much loaded with toxins and a lifetime of consuming them has finally reached a point where your body can’t handle them anymore.

      I’m not a fanatic. I’m not a wierdo. I’m a woman who used to weigh over 230 lbs, whose body was deteriorating at a rapid rate, who was battling depression, insomnia (life-long insomnia!), chronic fatique, fibromyalgia, digestion problems, food allergies, (stroke-high) high blood pressure, I was pre-diabetic, and – eventually – cancer. Um, that’s the short list. Eventually, I figured out that adrenals and thyroid were also in the mix. We didn’t discover the cancer until I’d been on my diety cleanup journey for about 6 months. But today, I’m cancer-free with nothing but the surgery. No drugs, no chemo, no rads. I’m still losing weight (very very very gradually), no evidence of cancer in my body anywhere, no chronic fatique, no fibromyalgia, blood pressure is GORGEOUSLY normal, no digestive problems.. I actually sleep considerably better than I have ever done in my life (though there’s still room for that to improve). My joints and muscles continue to grow in strength and my stamina is still improving. Today, I can do things I couldn’t even attempt just 4 years ago. By the time I got desperate, I was dying. Today, my body is healing itself because I give it the tools and fuel it needs to what it was designed to do. I don’t yet have an exercise program, yet in that 4 years my health is more than 100% improved. I expect this trend to continue until I am actually healthier than I’ve ever been!

      Oh, and I’m now 54.

      I dont’ make money for sharing my story. Actually, I don’t ‘plug’ anyone’s program or plan. I just share what works with folks who want to know. I live on an extremely limited income and money never gets to be the star of the show. I’ve made a lot of changes, and all of them had to give me the biggest benefit for the least cost.

      None of it is HARD to do. Especially, for me, because it was about saving my life. It’s about one simple step at a time.

      As I said, I’m not a fanatic. I don’t force my solutions (which any one could find on their own, really) on any one who doesn’t want to know. I have tons of info stored in my computer on the whys and wherefors of the steps I’ve taken.

      If you’re interested in the details, I’m more than happy to help. If this is more help than you want, I’ll never bother you again! No matter how you choose to proceed from here, I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. I know how you are struggling, right now!

      • OH! So sorry; looks like I posted a ‘reply’ to a ‘reply’! Hope you still get this post, as I have no idea how to put it in the right place.

  2. You might try the South Beach Diet. It is not as restrictive as the Atkins diet and does allow you to have some fruits and dairy once you are out of Phase 1. I lost 45 lbs. on South Beach and it is more of a lifestyle change than a “diet” and one which you can pretty much stick with forever. You might also consider Equal as a sugar substitute. I was a sugar junkie and now we don’t even keep sugar in the house. I use equal for everything. The only drawback of Equal is that you cannot bake with it. Good luck to you!

  3. I am a flea market vendor in Missouri. I have set up an Etsy account, but haven’t begun selling. Yet. Because my husband is scheduled to have 4 surgeries this Fall, I became obsessed with having a large back stock of items for my booth. My shelves in my garage are full of boxed items. What I have done is photograph each item. I made a spreadsheet on which I entered the date each item was either purchased our made, all costs involved, the shelf number, and box number. I then attached a hang tag with the inventory number, which corresponds on the spreadsheet.

    When looking for an item, I simply look at my spreadsheet, and find the photo. When an item sells, I enter the date & sale price, so year end taxes are simplified
    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing!!!.

  4. Let me first say that I love this blog. I get so much inspiration from your ideas! Thank you so much!! For storage ideas, I suggest clear plastic tubs. You can see what’s inside and they stack nice and neat. Weight loss is a little more difficult. I struggle with it every day. I know it’s not popular but you may want to consider becoming a vegetarian. Just a suggestion and something you may want to read more about but your body has to work extra hard to digest meat and processed foods and with a bad heart and lungs it may do wonders for you. My husband is the farthest thing from a vegetarian and it takes some work but you can actually have a meal together. For desserts, try the spunky coconut blog. She has some great recipes for natural sugar alternatives that are wonderful. Anyway, just my two cents. I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide to try. Again, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading this blog!

  5. Had great successes
    With Atkins and just walking when I was in my late 40’s….really easy when you set your mind to it. That’s what it takes for most diets….but works fast especially if you you walk….moderately…every day about 2 miles….try Stevia….for your sugar substitute…..it’s great nd all natural.

  6. I put everything into a box and add the list as well. I find it works well for me. I also keep an A4 style journal to write in the things that sold and for how much. Never had a problem!
    As for going on any of the fad diets, I would say, be wary. As one who has had many health issues, I can tell you that any weight you lose initially will be fluid, and many of the diets are not complete in nutrients which we need to keep our weights in the healthy range. We even need some fats to actually process other things in our bodies.
    I am allergic to alot of stuff too and chlorine is one of them!
    My suggestion to you is go get your thyroid levels checked before you start the Atkins. MANY many people are hypothyroid and don’t realise it. I am a thyroid advocate and can tell you I gained over almost 50pounds just by being hypothyroid. If you want to email me I can help you with the details.

  7. I always love stevia because it is a great substitute for sugar and it can be taken by diabetics. `..::

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