Atkins interruptus!

Doing ‘pretty good’ my first week on the Atkins weight loss plan.  PLAN being the operative word!  I’ve got to PLAN things better.   Michael has been away for four days, so it’s been EXTRA easy for me to stick with the program; not having to cook any regular food.  BUT, I ran into an issue on Sunday when Stars called to tell me a coffee table and two end tables had sold, and I needed to come in right away to tidy my booth.

TOTALLY my own fault for having stacked so much other stuff ON TOP of those tables.  And I KNEW they would sell ‘as a group’, when the did sell; even though they were priced separately. SO, when I first took them in I just stacked them all up together:

Expecting that they would sell right away.  They didn’t.  So I had to change it up a bit; and rearranged it to this:

Taking one of the end table off the stack and putting it on the floor behind the stack; and setting up my ‘dessert buffet’ display with all the tiered dessert pedestals I had recently made.  STILL should have been easy enough to ‘break down’ if the tables sold.  Easier still if only ONE of the big tables sold, because the whole display could easily be condensed onto just one table.  Still didn’t sell any.

So, NOW I decide that if they are going to take a while to sell, that I need to ‘break it up’ a bit and I move the top coffee table and one end table to my wall space, as shown above.  And move the other coffee table and end table to the other side of my big booth; closer to the wall space so people will SEE the two matching end tables; one in each booth.

All the while, I KNEW that they would sell at LEAST 2, if then 3 at a time.  So I was working on a batch of small tables to take in and stack on TOP, so when these tables sold, there would be other tables there to ‘hold the display’.   My ‘plan’ was to have the next batch of furniture for Stars all loaded up in my car and ready to go ‘when I got the call’.

I have THREE of these little tables, painted the tops turquoise and was getting ready to paint a swirly design on then that ‘linked’ all three tables.

And I had this sweet little table sanded and painted; not sure if I wanted to add anything more to it.  SO, when I pulled all those out of the shed, I went ahead and loaded the finished dresser into my car:

Which is NO simple ordeal for me.  Have to take out all the drawers because it’s too heavy for me to lift!  Then figure out how to stack the drawers so this one piece doesn’t take up the entire car!  And THAT’S when the phone rang, with Stars telling  me my booth was a mess because three of the tables had sold!  DRAT!!!  I was sooooooooooooooooooo close to being TOTALLY prepared for ‘that call’!!! 

I was in my grubby painting clothes, no make up on, hadn’t had lunch yet and need to leave ASAP.  Would have to stop at our storage garage and just grab whatever I could get to and take it in.  Oh, and did I mention that a few weeks ago we had emptied the covered trailer of 40 bins of leftover craft show product and put them into the garage ‘temporarily’ too!?!?!?  I really had NO IDEA which furniture pieces I’d be able to even GET TO.

And I had a schematic all drawn up and everything of exactly where I was going to put things, once the small tables were done.  If I don’t ‘think about it ahead of time, and have a plan’, I end up moving things around several times to ‘get it right’ and with my bad back, that is NOT a good thing!  (So, I’m really not just being anal by drawing up the schematics!)  

So, I’m quickly ironing clothes and getting cleaned up and made up and trying to think of what I can EAT for lunch, FAST and on the go.  The salad I had planned for lunch was out.  Takes too long to eat a salad.  And I really had not yet thought of what I could eat ‘on the go’.  I have some ‘fairly low carb’ tortillas (19 carbs; which is HIGH when I’m supposed to stay below 45 total carbs a day on this diet plan).  S0, I sliced up some of the turkey breast I had bought at Costco and made a quick turkey and cheese tortilla sandwich, and grabbed a bag of pumpkin seeds if I needed something ‘crunchy-salty’.

I’m not ‘specifically’ counting my carbs, I don’t want to get that diet crazy.  But I HAVE started looking at every label of every item I pick up at the grocery store to check the carb content.  I’ve learned that unless it’s lean meat or green vegetables,  eggs or aged cheese, carbs are an issue!  sigh.  And nearly EVERYTHING that says ‘low carbs’ or ‘no sugar added’ on the label, is made using SPLENDA!  Sooooooooooooo annoying!!! 

Michael comes home tonight, so I’ve got to start thinking about TWO dinners!

P.S. I’m down FIVE pounds after eating the low carb diet for a week.  Twenty-five pounds to go!



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  1. I like to keep fresh kale leaves in my fridge, rinsed and ready to use. I substitute them for the way I generally used bread, including as the ‘wrap’ for what would otherwise be a sandwich. Of course, you can’t make french toast out of them, but they do separate layers like pasta does in a layered dish with meats and vegies…kinda like a lasagna. And I put them first in the coconut oil and seasonings, at breakfast time, before dropping in the eggs (I like mine sunny-side up). Chard is good to use this way, too.

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