All stocked up at STARS and ready for the busy holiday weekend!

It’s September already tomorrow!!!!  Holey SMOKES this summer FLEW BY!!!  Stars always has a big 3-day sale over the Labor Day Weekend.  And while I don’t participate in the sales (because I keep my prices as LOW as possible ALL THE TIME!) I am ‘stocked to the hilt’ and ready for the busy sale days.


Triple stacked!

This night stand is a new arrival; as well as the vintage cake stand and cover.  The night stand is $49.95.

The cake stand is $39.95

ADORABLE vintage maple child size chairs;  painted my beachy blue.  I just took two of them in; priced at $21.95 each.

This updated vintage wood canister set is new too.   Pretty enough to use ANYWHERE in the house, not just the kitchen.  $39.00 for the set.

Beachified vintage wood bread box is $39.00.





Cute little wood bird cage clock.

Hand crafted WISH banner.

Old plastic sewing case with a pretty new paint job and handle.

Another updated vintage plastic sewing box.

This little blue folding metal shelf is $21.95.

I’m not sure WHAT possessed me to buy these vintage PINK canisters!?!?  For some reason they just ‘spoke to me’!

Cupcake trinket boxes.  The top opens up with room inside to store your treasures!


















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