FAQ: How do you get people to read your blog?

Was asked this recently in a comment here on my blog and thought this was a question that many others might be interested in knowing the answer to.

 There ARE a lot of blogs out there these days!  HOW do people find YOUR blog?

My blog gets at LEAST a thousand hits a day; some days as many as two thousand.  I can look at my site stats to see WHERE most of those readers came from.  Usually they have used a search engine to look something up, and MY BLOG was one of the links that came up for them.  THAT information itself is very helpful, because when you know WHERE most of your hits are coming from, you KNOW where to focus your efforts in promoting your blog.

KEY WORDS!!!!  You MUST use key words, or TAGS.

Scroll through these OLD posts, and look at the very END of each post. Notice anything?  A bunch of TINY words at the end of EVERY POST?  I know they are hard for YOU to read.  They aren’t meant for you to read.  Those are my key words.  The words that when people used them in a search term, the search engine would send them to MY BLOG.

These are the words that the ‘search bots’ pick up on ANYTHING on the internet to tell them that a site probably has information that someone is searching for.  I didn’t do the tags at the end of every post like that for a very long time.   Just long enough to get my blog noticed.  Once you get noticed and other bloggers start adding you to their blogroll, the whole thing just SNOWBALLS.  

I also put a LOT of effort into ‘advertising’ my blog on internet bulletin boards that focused on crafting, retail sales, antiquing and trash 2 treasure.   These ‘communities’ are great ‘support groups’ for just about ANY thing in the world.  I’m no longer involved in any (don’t have the TIME!) so I can’t make any specific recommendations except for some general ‘board etiquette’ suggestions.  Don’t just join a group and pop right in and say “LOOK AT MY BLOG!”  Participate first.  Get to know what others re doing.  Comment on other posts.  Compliment others work.  Ask for input.  And just ‘slip your blog link in’ at the end of all your posts.


HUH???  What I mean is, one or two posts is NOT a blog!  Sure, it’s a start.  But it’s usually NOT ENOUGH to get readers to say, “I MUST follow this blog and see what they do next!”  Be SURE that you are WILLING & ABLE to consistently and regularly add new posts to your blog.  When you have 10-20 posts under your belt, THEN you are ready to ‘greet the world’ !  

I cannot tell you how many blogs I have gone to that had less then five posts in them over a years time,  and the blogger whines that no one reads their blog!  HERE’s YOUR SIGN!


LOTS of pictures.  Even “I” am guilty of mostly just looking at pictures in blogs.  IF the pictures REALLY get my interest, I’ll read the text too.  But PLEASE do not post FIFTEEN PICTURES OF THE SAME THING, FROM SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT ANGLES AND DISTANCES!  I get soooooooooooooooo annoyed at bloggers who do that.

And while I’m talking DON’T. . . . PLEASE DO NOT use the blog format that only shows one paragraph and one super small picture of each post; then you have to click to read the entire post and see ALL the pictures.  I visit those blogs ONCE and NEVER go back.  And I sincerely don’t understand WHY some bloggers think this is a good format!?!?  When I find a new blog, I will usually read EVERYTHING that shows up on the first ‘page’ scrolling all the way to the bottom.  IF I like what I see, I’ll add it to MY blogroll and go back on a regular basis.  (Regular for me is maybe once a month!) 

And PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEase do not do black or dark colored ‘wall paper’ and light colored text.  (this is popular amongst ‘primitive’ bloggers)  I, and probably most people ‘my age’ (who need reading glasses)CAN’T READ IT!   And what’s the point of having a blog that no one can read!?!?


Get business cards with your blog address on them and put them wherever you sell your product.  I put them out in my booth at Stars, and when I did shows I’d have post cards.  I also put stick on return address labels with my business name and blog address on all the product I sell.  You can get these from ANY company that makes the stick on address labels, just put your BLOG address instead of mailing address.  

I’ve mentioned this before, but I order all my ‘advertising materials’ from VistaPrint.  They have frequent free offers where you can get a small amount of ten different products FREE; just pay shipping.  I order things like: 

business cards (use them as PRICE TAGS!)

post cards

rack cards to enclose with etsy orders

business card size magnets

pre-inked address stamps (again with my BLOG address for when I run out of labels)

magnetic car door signs

bumper stickers

sticky notes (with a printed thank you message to tuck in with etsy orders)

note pads (again with message to go with etsy orders)

thank you cards for etsy orders

Admittedly I had a bit of a ‘built in’ readership when I first started my blog.  We had our own retail store and I would send out emails every few weeks, and originally give a link to a Picturetrail site where I’d posted pictures of what was new in the shop.  Once I started the blog,  I referred my email list readers to IT for the latest pictures.  

When I advertise on Criagslist, I put my blog address

My blog address is in the ‘signature’ of EVERY email I send.  (you can set it up to do that automatically)

I advertise my blog in all my etsy listings.

When I go to thrift stores and they ask me what I’m going to do with what I bought, I give them a business card.  Same at Dollar Stores  and tell them about my DOLLAR DIVA blog (that link is on my T2T blog list of links)

So, to GET people to read your blog; FIRST have a REAL BLOG.  With INTERESTING content and lots of pictures, and regularly added NEW content.  Then plaster the link to your blog anywhere and everywhere and by any means you can think of.  

Just DON’T let how many readers you do or don’t have, be what motivates you.  BE SINCERE.  Share what you love to do.  Share your passion, whatever it be.  And do it because you want to help and inspire others.  And not just because you want to have a ‘popular blog’ with lots of readers.  

You never know whose life your blog will touch, or how!  Just put your best out there and let it happen!

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  1. Re: Get Your Blog Noticed! Awesome advise. I read your bog all of the time. I have used your advise on my projects and they turned out exactly as you stated which is the result I wanted. I am sure if I hadn’t of applied your experienced tried and true help my project would have failed. Thank you for your blog!!!

  2. THANKS SUNNIE! It’s really good to know that my blog IS helping others achieve their goals, and inspiring them to re-vamp and re-use. That IS the reason I take the time to write this blog!

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