Little step stool re-do; From primitive to beach cottage chic

Little step stools are ‘one of those things’ that I am ALWAYS on the hunt for.  They come in really handy for creating height in your displays AND they always SELL!  Snatched up this little guy at the thrift store recently.

THIS is what first caught my eye; that handle!  I really couldn’t tell WHAT it was when I saw it from this angle on the shelf.

I’m not really sure how necessary the handles on the sides are; because you can pick it up from the overhang.  But I can sure use those pulls on something else!  The bench WITH the 2 pulls was less than what just 2 of those kinds of pulls normally costs!

So NOW I had FOUR holes on each side.  Two from removing the pulls and two from where the center cross support is screwed in.

Nothing a little wood filler can’t cure!

After my wood filler dried, I gave it a GOOD sanding; especially along the EDGES so when I distressed it later on the red paint wouldn’t show through.

And while I didn’t see a NEED for those pulls on the sides, it WAS a cute decorative element, and added some interest and a unique quality to a ‘regular ole stool’.  I decided to hunt for ‘something’ to embellish the sides.

These resin starfish won!  I glued them on with some e6000, and held them in place with a big rubber band while the adhesive dried.

Pretty cute, eh?


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  1. Excellent transformation! You changed it’s whole personality 🙂

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