Two down – two to go!

Got tow of the four $1.00 end tables done.

This one, went from this (above) to this (below):

Shabby cottage chic, distressed white.

Went pretty heavy with the distressing on the top since I had all those indented lines to work with.

Just kind of ‘here and there’ on the leg distressing.

And fairly heavily on the ‘apron’ as it had lots of grooves to work around too.

And the wicker end table above . . .

With most of the leg covering peeled away . . .

Also went white, with a quick dry brush technique.

I completely stripped ALL the wrapping from ALL the legs, then painted right over.  Still plenty sturdy.  The stuff wrapped around the legs was really just for looks.

Gotta LOVE how fast and easy it is to dry brush paint!

And you get a very distressed LOOK without all the work of sanding!

Both of these are in storage for now, until there is room for them in my booth at Stars.

And I did get the other two matching end tables primed.  But then we had a pretty good heat wave and the bees were crazy active, so I’ve been hiding out inside.  And listing a TON of new stuff in my etsy shop!


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