Crowns for sale in my etsy shop

You KNOW I have ‘a thing’ for crowns, right?  Well, if YOU feel the need to crown any of your favorite items, you can now buy my little hand crafted crowns in my etsy shop! 

Pair of LITTLE CROWNS for CRAFTING / Small vintage sheet music doll crown / Tiny glitter bird crown

I’ve got sets like this, with one tiny silver glitter crown and a bigger vintage sheet music crown with clear glitter.  AND pairs of JUST the little silver crowns.  AND set of FOUR of the tiny vintage sheet music crowns like on these birds below:

Little crowns ape packed in tiny protective boxes for shipping:

What ELSE besides little birds, could you put a crown on?  I’m so glad you asked!

You can put them on birds that sit atop glass cloches.

And on birds that sit on tall pedestals.

On just PLAIN birds.

On little birds that stand nest to framed pictures of eggs.

On a vintage Madonna bust with other embellishments.

On some other birds on pedestals.

On little nesting birds.

On little feather birds.

Birds used as wedding cake toppers.  (this is a faux cake I made to use with the cake platters I make and sell)

More feather birds.  Or bird Christmas ornaments!

Birds on burlap wreaths.

On cute little cherub figurines.

On resin birds  . . .

Then paint that resin bird and crown black  and add a “Nevermore!” tag for Halloween decor.

Add them to the cherubs on a vintage dish.

How about some HOT PINK glitter birds with crowns?

Piggy banks!

Feather bird in a shadow box.

Vintage cherub candle holder.

Little teddy bears!

Altered cherub wall collages.

TINY altered cherub wall plaques.

Primitive folk art grubby angle dolls.

MORE altered cherub plaques!

On little birds under glass cloches.

On blue birds of happiness.

On cherubs that are on altered heart shaped candy boxes.

On little birds mounted atop pretty gift boxes and little show owls.

And last but not LEAST, this cute little vintage soap dish that I use to hold my business cards!

Am I in need of a ‘crown intervention’???

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  1. Love it all the birds and crowns are way unique Thank you for posting.

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