Latest thrift store finds

I’ve really been trying to do more CRAFTING and LISTING on etsy, than shopping lately.  But still need to get out and look around every week or so to be sure I’m not missing any treasures!  Here are my latest finds:

I totally forgot to take a picture of this bird cage BEFORE I took it to Stars.  All I did to it was clean it up a bit.

I have NEVER seen a big ironstone bucket like this!  Very cool. (tempted to KEEP this one!)

Totally LOVE this fish covered casserole dish too!

Pretty scalloped edge vintage serving bowl.

Ironstone crock and PIG creamer!

SO cute and vintagey!

Tall squarish shaped tea-pot.

Pretty little pink bowls.

I’m picking up a lot of PINK items lately.  I LOVE pink, but not for in my home.  But it’s never been a good SELLER for me, so I FORCE myself to NOT BUY pink stuff.  Lately I just CAN’T resist!

And of COURSE, some little white pitchers; which will be going into my etsy shop.  Most of the rest is for Stars, but not right away.  Taking more Halloween to Stars next.  Then Christmas stuff real soon!


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  1. I love PINK too, but you’re right about it not being the best seller. We’re going to try it again at Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market next month. We’ve just accumulated so much, we have to give it another shot. Maybe at some point people will quit “oooohing & aaahing” & start buying! 😉

  2. Love the piggy pitcher and the floral bowls!

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