FUN Pumpkins

So, I’ve done my glittery designer pumpkins for the year, some listed in my etsy shop; some taken to Stars.  Then I decided to do a couple of FUN pumpkins.  You know, those like off the off the wall ideas you see for pumpkins in the magazines.   Here’s my take on a couple of those:

This was a styro pumpkin from Dollar Tree.  I spray painted it black, then added some scrapbook stickers; and little ‘eyeballs’ I made out of thumb tacks.

I had a whole batch of the thumbtack eyes already made up from a while ago.   They’re really quite easy to make.

Here’s a closer look.  First you need to find a THICK piece of cardboard to stick your tacks into.  Spray paint them black.  Once dry, add your next larger dot of white.  I have some wood dowels I use for this, but an unused pencil eraser works, or the end of a paint brush, sanded down a bit to get the right size of dot.  Just dip your dowel into the paint, and dot it onto your tack.  Re-dip for EVERY dot.  Then(after the white dries)  repeat the process with a smaller black dot.  After that dries, once more with a TINY white dot.  I use an opened up paper clip end for the small white dot.  Then add a coat of clear spray varnish.

I added a dot of glue to the back of each tack before putting it on the pumpkin.   Added a few glittery scrapbook embellishments; then glittered the stem and done!

Then I made it’s companion:

TOTALLY copied this idea from a magazine.  Except I happened to find the pumpkin with the holes ALREADY cut, at the thrift store, and I had the mice left over from last year.  A little bit of e6000 on the mice and done!

Since I had some ‘coning out’ and others ‘going in’, I cut a couple of the mice in HALF!  (you only SEE one end anyhow!)

The ‘eek’ was from the same sticker set I used for the black pumpkin.

Both of these pumpkins are available to buy in my booth at Stars Antiques in Portland.


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  1. The pumpkins are way too cute AJ!!! I love them!!!

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