Really, now?!?!?

Nobody’s perfect, right?  I do not profess to be even the slightest bit close to ANY level of being perfect.  And being as such, I (as we ALL are at times) am subject to ‘corrections’ and ‘criticisms’.   Of course CONSTRUCTIVE forms of the aforementioned are preferred AND typically more warmly received.  Even so, dealing with comments that are just plain RUDE, uncalled for and/or  ‘MEANT to be  hurt your feelings’ still always ‘stings’ a little.  No matter how much PRACTICE we have with dealing with them.

So, WHAT brought this ‘rant’ on and where am I going with it???  A ‘new blog reader’ left a comment for me yesterday.  The first time anyone comments on my blog, I have to ‘approve’ the comment before it’s posted.  Once I have approved a comment of yours, future comments will show up immediately, but I can still delete them if I wish.  Now I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, and I DO leave comments that offer differing opinions from mine; as long as they aren’t done in a way to ‘intentionally stir up trouble’.

But here’s what I DON’T GET!  This admittedly first time visitor to my blog felt it necessary to point out to me  ‘that I need to check my spelling and I had posts that were rife with spelling errors and that she found that to be quite bothersome.’    OH MY!!  Well I just better stop everything and spend the next YEAR going back to spell check every one of the 1,200+ posts I’ve done over the last five years so it doesn’t BOTHER you anymore!   sheesh!

I DO run the spell check with every post.  And sometimes spell check automatically CHANGES words to what it THINKS they should be.   Michael reads my blog and will let me know when I have things that need to be fixed; which I APPRECIATE.  Just as I would appreciate it if any of my other readers took the time to point out SPECIFIC typos to me that I could go back and correct.

But what IS the point that the commenter was trying to make?  It was NOT constructive at all, because there is NO possible way for me to find typing errors in my extensive blog history.   And it’s not like anyone is FORCING her to read my blog!  Why is it ANY of her business to point out my typing errors?!?!!? OH right; because it was ‘bothersome; to her!  PUHleeeze!!  (spellcheck that bothered blog reader!)

While I make every effort to have my blog grammatically correct and perfect spelling; the thought that I’ve missed a few typos here or there is not going to keep me awake at night.  The point of my blog is to share useful information, and inspire others to rebuild and reuse as the redecorate.  WHO CARES if there’s an occasional typographical error?!?!?

Dear unnamed commenter,

I have three things to say to you.

1) if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

2)  If you must criticize someone, at least make it CONSTRUCTIVE.

3) Look at the BIG picture.  Does it REALLY matter that there are a few typos in my blog???

Stepping off my soap box and going back outside to finish cleaning out the storage shed.

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  1. I have been reading your blog for at least 2 years, and this is my first time to leave a comment. In my former life (pre-antique booth dealer) I taught school for close to 20 years. I can honestly say, that I have never noticed any spelling errors….ever:) Please keep on doing what you are doing.Your pictures, ideas, and how to’s are greatly appreciated:)) Thank-you, Linda

  2. Love your post…Good for you!

  3. :o) Good grief…I read blogs all the time with typos ! Who cares! I have sure enjoyed your posts and ideas and haven’t noticed any typos….thanks.

  4. Well Said!

  5. But I thought “Typo’s” were the new Blog language. Like, “LOL”, My “BFF”, “FYI”, etc., etc., Butt i like tippo’s and your blogg…..Love, Sunnie

  6. I just felt the need to say that Iove your blog I really enjoy learning about how you repurposed an item. I have had comments like yours left on my store Facebook and felt as you do now, but others told how much they loved my store, pics etc… Please know that your blog is appreciated by me and I am sure many others ignore this ignorant person and when you calm down get those creative juices going 🙂

  7. Don’t worry about that petty person. I am big on spelling and grammar but I certainly wouldn’t ‘pick on’ someone who can’t do either well. I am an Aussie and I could not tell you how many times I am corrected on my spelling of certain words by Americans. eg; colour, favourite, organised. You see we spell in English and Americans spell in American English, neither is wrong, just different. Yet, I am constantly told I am an idiot for spelling certain words ‘wrong’
    It may be difficult to do, but do try to roll your eyes and think, ‘Have these people nothing better to do than whinge, whine and carry on?’
    I have a dyslexic friend and even with spell check gets it wrong, I never judge but help when he asks me. How does this person not know that maybe you have dyslexia, too? (you understand my point)
    Cheers, from the Land of Oz!

  8. Sophie – I get a great kick out of your fun website, because I see you as a clever and artistic person who gets joy out of life by recreating objects that need a new lease on life. I can’t understand people who see a need to tear someone apart over minor descrepancies, but obviously their life must be out of control. Thinking of you, I recently rescued a short stool from a pile of junk on the curb, and it must have spent its life outside. I was asking myself, “What would Sophie do with this?” If I ever get it finished I will send a before & after. Keep up the Good Work. A Fan – Calrayzie.

  9. Ignore the nitpickers!! Did they not appreciate all the helpful information, suggestions and how-to’s you so freely share on your blog? Please just ignore commenters like that!

  10. You Tell ’em!! That’s so childish, I can’t believe the reader took the time to even comment on such! I am a HUGE Fan and could care less if every other word was misspelled! After all, it is YOUR blog!!
    Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  11. Bless your heart!!! I LOVE your blog. When I’m perfect, I’ll come to your blog and tell you how to be 🙂

  12. wow. unbelievable. I’d say someone has a little too much time on her hands. perhaps she was black balled from Pinterest or something, so she decided to take her aggravation out on you?!
    Your blog is BY FAR one of my favorites, spellcheck or no spellcheck!!! My heart practically skips a beat when I open my email & don’t see a daily post from you!
    I hope someday soon to visit Stars & see your lovely works in real life, but for now you are a TRUE INSPIRATION!! Keep doin what ur doin (yes, I mean to say ‘ur’) & don’t let anyone tell u otherwise!!!

  13. LMAO! Thanks for telling “ms perfect” how you feel. I look forward to your every post and appreciate the time you take to share. “Ms Perfect Speller” has a lot to learn. Your response was one that was quite kind compared to what you could have said.
    Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

  14. I can’t believe someone would make a nasty comment on your blog. I admire your writing abilities. I could never write like you, cause my words just don’t flow like yours. You have talent girl! Hope it won’t eat at you, some people are just plain mean.

    Keep up the creativity, love seeing your posts. Judy

    >________________________________ > From: AJ’s Trash2Treasure BLOG >To: >Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2012 3:58 PM >Subject: [New post] Really, now?!?!? > > > >trash2treasure posted: “Nobody’s perfect, right? I do not profess to be even the slightest bit close to ANY level of being perfect. And being as such, I (as we ALL are at times) am subject to ‘corrections’ and ‘criticisms’. Of course CONSTRUCTIVE forms of the aforemention” >

  15. This person obviously has too much time on their hands. Maybe if the person would read all of the interesting ideas that you put in your blog, they could spend their time crafting instead of editing what others write. I personally love reading your blog and hope that you don’t let people like this discourage you!

  16. Your blog is my most favourite and my first ‘go to’ blog whenever I log on. In fact, if you don’t blog for a few days I have withdrawals!!! Please never stop and whatever you do, don’t worry about mean people who get their kicks from wingeing – now that’s an odd word!!!!

  17. Ignore her. That’s all I have to say. I think there is a lot of jealousy out there on the net. You are a successful blogger and artist which will always draw envy. Just keep doing what you love. Since this topic has come up I will say that I have never noticed any typos but when you put words in all caps it’s really distracting.

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