Really, now; Part II

Thank you ALL for your kind and SUPPORTIVE words.  I hope it didn’t SEEM like I was ‘fishing for compliments’; because I WASN’T!  But the only thing worse than not being able to accept constructive criticism, is to not GRACIOUSLY accept a compliment.  It truly did my heart GOOD to know that my blog does indeed inspire and cheer my readers.  That IS the reason I take the time to write this blog.  PLEASE KNOW that I appreciate and respect ALL OF YOU, as well in return.

After reading all your comments,  especially noting the one from an Aussie who spells some words differently than us Yankees; and the school teacher, who by nature and habit would notice ANY spelling or grammar errors:  I’ve concluded that the ‘cranky commenter’ must be of a different culture or country than the U.S. And just does not understand how we tend to ‘make up’ our own ‘blog dialect’ sometimes.

I KNOW that ‘vintagey’ is not a REAL word.  But it BEST describes things sometimes.  Fallish, beachy and upcycled also are not REAL words, but I like them and I will continue to use them; obviously much to the chagrin of SOME people.  ( not even the word BLOG, until recently, was included as a REAL word in my BLOG spell-check for goodness sake!)  But THOSE people are not the ones I write this blog for.  It is for YOU, my regular readers, and the kindred spirits who happen upon my blog while searching for ideas and inspiration.

And given that we are ‘friends’, I do hope that IF you see typing errors that truly bother you and that you feel I ought to correct; I do hope that you would feel comfortable pointing them out to me; and in a manner that I can actually FIND them TO correct them!  I would be grateful, and not offended in the least.

And I would NOT be doing so to appease said ‘cranky commenter’ , rather on general principle.   Because we should all, always be willing to ‘better ourselves’ whenever the opportunity presents itself.  We’ll never know if the ‘cranky commenter’  read your comments or this post,  because she has been BANNED from commenting on my blog.  There are enough ‘real problems’ for all of us to deal with in this life.  She can look down on us from her high horse and judge us as much as she wants.   Sadly, she is missing out on some of the BEST parts of life by doing so however.

Happy OCTOBER everyone!!  I can’t believe it’s October already.  We are STILL having sunny warm weather here the the PNW!! (Pacific North West)  Usually by now we are waterlogged!

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  1. You go, Girl! Or is that spelled Gurl? Hee hee, just being cheeky. Great to see you not letting that person get you down! Life is too short to be miserable! Let’s see some more of your great work. Cheers from Oz!

  2. I could care less if your spelling is correct or not! I watch your blog for the fantastic ideas you come up with and the way you get me excited to try different crafty..(is that a real word?) things that I would never think of myself! And for some reason as I get older, I can’t spell worth a darn and I used to be really good at it…oh well…not on the top of MY list!!! HA!

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