Skulls on a stick

Got these glitter skulls in the ‘dollar spot’ (that area in the front with all the cheap seasonal stuff) at the same time that I got the glitter owls.  Again, NOT my favorite colors, but there were no other options.  These are about ‘life size’.

Dollar Tree used to always carry smaller ones, like this; but not for the last couple of years.  I found these at Home Goods. They have a loop on top of the head to be used as ornaments.   So what am I going to DO with them?

I made ‘skulls on a stick’ (candle holder actually!)  These are two of the smaller ones.  I cut off the hangers, then glued the skulls to the painted wood candle holders.  Let the glue dry overnight before embellishing.

I grabbed some little vintage sheet music crowns from my stash*; these had clear glitter on them.

*I almost NEVER make the crowns ‘as I need them’.  Rather, it’s something I work on while I watch TV at night.  So I always have a ‘stash’ of crowns, ready to use whenever I need one.

The BAT on that crown is actually a little BUTTON!  Pretty cute, eh?

Got these big bags of bat and spider buttons at JoAnn’s during their big coupon sale.

The spiders are TOO cute!  (and I HATE spiders! )

On this crown I glued on a sticker.  NOT an easy task to a GLITTERED surface!

The stuff around the necks of these is actually a pony tail holder!  I found some at DT and some at Target; with the Halloween theme sheer ribbon already on them,  I just added a little more ribbon to fill them out a bit more.

For the bigger skulls, these were the only candle holders I had to use.  A bit too tall and skinny for the weight of the skulls, so I added the extra wood base to keep them from toppling over.  Again, I glued the skulls to the sticks and let the glue set up overnight before working on my embellishments.

Same thing as on the small ones for the neck.  If you can’t find the pony tail holders, you can easily make your own using plain pony tail holders, rubber bands or just string!  Cut your strips of different ribbons in slightly varying lengths, then just tie them onto your band or string.   Slip on or tie on your finished piece!

Yes, I have a stash of the bigger crowns ready-made too!  These are big enough to fit MY head.  Just added embellishments.  For this one a scrapbook sticker and a border.

A big cardboard spider and lots of the little spider buttons glued on this one.

And a glittery peel-n-stick border on this one.  

The border didn’t quite reach all the way around the crown.  Just be sure that if you do have a ‘bare spot’ that it’s centered in the back.

I was kind of feeling like I should have added ‘something’ to the candlestick just below the collar.  A tag maybe?  I couldn’t decide what to do, so I left well enough alone!

ALL of these skulls shown are for sale in my booth at Stars.

LOTS of other Halloween decor too!


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  1. Those skulls are too cute! My daughter is having a halloween party and you have given us alot of good inexpensive decorating ideas! Thanks 🙂

  2. Cute did you know those candle sticks you used are napkin ring holders over it? The candle stick is very nice under it

  3. omgoodness! I love the glittery golden owls

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