No ROOM for a Christmas tree???

A reader recently left this comment for me:

“I’ve moved out of a house and into a small condo where my tree doesn’t  fit. Do you have any suggestions on how to display my favourite ornaments without buying a tiny tree?”

I thought this would be a good topic for the rest of my readers to chime in on.

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is the following:

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove doing ‘color theme trees’.  I love to buy and create an entirely different look every year IF I can.  And for a while, I was even able to ‘fund my obsession’ by selling each years decor to someone else when I was done with it; and use that money for the next years decor supplies.  (hopefully at 75% off in the after Christmas sales!)

Anyhow, my son wanted his old favorite ornaments on the tree; but I didn’t want to mix them in with my theme tree.  So I did 2 things.  First, I gave him his own little tree in his bedroom.  And I draped a HUGE artificial greenery garland across my entertainment center, added Christmas lights and filled that with all the old traditional and keepsake ornaments.  (unfortunately I don’t have a picture!) But it really was beautiful!

Nowadays most people have flat screen TV’s, so no big bulky entertainment center to drape a heavy garland over.  You could drape your garland across a mantle.  Across the top and down the sides of a big picture window.  Across and down the sides of a doorway.  OR even just mount it in a tree SHAPE to a WALL and decorate that!

So that’s all I’ve got to offer to remedy this readers no room for a Christmas tree quandary.  Do YOU have any ideas to share?

P.S. One reader sent me this suggestion via email so she could attach a picture:

“Here’s an idea I found somewhere & out on my pinterest..I need to find a screen & do this!
Kelly Burns

And if you can’t find a SCREEN to use, a burlap backing would probably work!


beautiful home made tree!

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  1. How about using a garden trellis (V) shape, wood or plastic, usually white but you could paint it, turn it upside down, hang it on a wall and put a star on the top and hang ornaments on the cross pieces. Really inexpensive since you can sometimes buy the pieces at yard sales.


  2. Your reader could display some ornaments in a glass bowl or apothecary jar, arranged on a wreath ,hanging on a branch (painted or natural) that is displayed on a wall , arrange greenery on a chandelier and hang ornaments from that. those are some ideas.

  3. I put a lighted garland around my doorways and put ornaments on them. They look great decorated top to bottom. Love this blog. Watch it a few times a day for new postings. Thank you for some cute ideas!!!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. I use wreaths for my different collections. I have disney on one, cars and trucks (my husbands) on another and so on. Your place can still look festive, even without a tree!!

  6. REPURPOSE (that’s an emphasis on my excitement about the term, I’m not shouting haha) a coffee cup hanger. The ones that have 4 hooks going in each direction. It would be perfect and I bet you could find one at a thrift store for cheap!

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