Another QUICKIE dry brush project

Found this nice sturdy woven wood picnic basket at Goodwill.  I’ll almost always stop and look at picnic baskets that have flat tops that could be stacked.

This one didn’t have any material glued to the inside, like I see all too often with picnic baskets at the thrift stores! I( pass on the ones with the material inside.  You just never know what condition the basket will be in underneath when you remove the fabric)

It was missing the latch to secure the lid shut, but since I will just be using it for storing craft supplies; that doesn’t bother me.

It’s actually in perfectly fine shape to use ‘as is’, but from my experience, this kind of yellow stain tends to yellow even more with age and I really didn’t want a yellow basket.

Dry brush painting to the rescue!

It literally takes only MINUTES to dry brush something like this.  Just be sure to go as LIGHT as possible with the paint on your brush.  You can always add MORE if you need it.  But if you go too heavy, you can’t take it off!

Now it’s a much softer shabby chic color.  Just waiting to be filled with craft supplies when I sort and organize my shabby chic room!

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