Latest findings

I have NO IDEA for any way to repurpose this old library card catalog.  But the price was right, so I had to have it!

If all the drawers were solid, like the one on the left, I could store supplies in it.  Alas, half of them are open on the bottom like the one on the right. And this thing is HEAVY!  I could barely lift it!

Any thoughts on how I might use it?

Got this open wall shelf.

Kitty Spike stopped by to supervise.

Another, slightly smaller open shelf; without any weird stuff at the top.

Rummaged through my box of carved wood appliques and found this one that fit the space.

Glued it into place.  Now I just have to decide what color to paint both of the shelves.

Found a nice big frame on my last thrifting run too.

Lots of detail, which distresses nicely.

This is a lot more primitive than I usually go for, but I loved the shape and all the hooks!

It’s all but impossible to see in the photos, but it has a COMBED finish, with brown and black paint.  I was tempted to paint it, but  after I cleaned it up and wiped on some Old English polish, the pattern really showed nicely.  Decided to take it to Stars, as is.  Then if it doesn’t sell, I can always bring it home and repaint it.

A rusty crusty little critter cage.

And a little stool.  On things like this with a painted design on top, be sure to sand all of the design off before you paint, or it will show through; not the colors, but the painted parts are raised above the surface.


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  1. Re: the metal file drawers. I’m sure you know that stuff is really hot now. If you want to keep it and use it, cut a piece of heavy cardboard and double stick tape it to the bottom of the ones with the holes.

  2. I love attaching open shelves to old end tables, adding a plexiglass (because it’s cheap) lid, and making a jewelry table. They have sold very well for me.

  3. Your “primitive” little blue wall plaque is hand made with curtain hooks in it! Cute idea for keys!

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