Lemon Raspberry cake recipe

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, especially after some of you asked for the recipe . . .but that cake is just an ‘amped up’ mix from a box.  It’s just cheaper and easier to buy a mix for the actual cake; then spend the extra time and money on the ‘fixins’.  So, now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s how I ‘amped up’ this basic lemon cake mix and ready-made lemon frosting:

I could NOT find my grater.  I looked everywhere and it’s just GONE.  And I really wanted to add some grated lemon peel to the frosting for some extra lemony zing.  (Michael really loves lemon sweets!)  So I used a cheese slicer to slice off just the yellow part of the peel, then sliced it up really fine and added it to the jar of lemon frosting.  And it DID add a nice bit of zing, but the pieces were a bit too ‘chewy’.  (note to self: But a new grater!!)

Then I took the rest of the lemon and squeezed as much of the juice as I could into a measuring cup and used that as my part of the water the recipe called for.  Form there I just followed the directions on the box; baking mine in three 8″ round pans.

I cooked and cooled my cake and flipped them over onto was paper as soon as they were cool enough to handle.  Let the bottoms (now exposed  to the air) cool a bit then slice your layers.  I have one of those professional  wire pastry slicer for that.  Could NEVER get my layers even if I didn’t.  Wilton sell them fairly inexpensively at places like craft stores in the cake decorating supplies.  OR you can just have a 3 layer cake!

I didn’t want to make the trip to the store that sells the tubes of cake filling, so I opted to use raspberry jam for my filling.  Put the first of my six thin layers on the plate  and spread the jam and just added each layer and a THIN layer of jam.  DO NOT put jam on your top layer.

Next I spread the can of lemon frosting with the rind added over the sides and top of the cake.  I had rinsed and chilled my fresh raspberries earlier, so they were ready to add.  I used a double box and had a few left over.  You’d probably need all of them if you used 9″ baking pans.  Just gently press each raspberry into place, starting around the rim.  Just one or two rows of berries is very pretty too if you don’t want to splurge on berries.  I just lucked out that Costco still had fresh ones!

I put the cake in the frig to chill for a good hour.  Then I took the little bit of frosting I had left and melted it in the microwave and drizzled it over the top of the raspberries.  Quickly put it back in the frig to chill.

Pretty simple really.  And if you couldn’t find fresh berries at all, you could put a thicker layer of your raspberry filling (or jam) on the top too, and just put frosting on the sides.  Then when you drizzle your leftover icing over the top, do it in more of a lattice pattern.

Happy cake baking!

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  1. That looks DELICIOUS!!! WOW! I am going to make this when my daughter comes home from college! Thanks!

  2. Been looking for that sweetened Condensed milk recipe for so long! Thanks!

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