Changing things up at Stars – MAJOR SAVINGS ALERT!

After a couple of “not as good as I’d like them to be” months ($ale$ wise!) I’ve decided to give up my second space at Stars.    It was supposed to only be temporary anyhow, until a bigger space became available.  There are so few of the big spaces though that they don’t become available very often.

But, I’m glad I did the 2 spaces for a while because now I know that I can keep that much space filled!  One bigger space, as opposed to 2 separate small ones will allow me to be more creative with my displays and bring in bigger items.  I’m DYING to put a twin bed with a net canopy, piles of  vintage chenille bedspreads and pillows made from old quilts!

We’re required to give 60 days notice to move out of a space, so I’ve got 2 months to sell down my inventory in the second space.  And to that end I am putting EVERYTHING ON SALE AT 40% OFF!!  Seriously!  I’m not ‘pulling out and saving anything’.  The only, and very FEW exclusions will be the small number of items that already had a red ‘price reduced’ tag.

AND I will continue to bring in NEW product as things sell down.  Of course, I’ll not be adding too much to the wall space that I will eventually be vacating; but I’m not going to let valuable selling space sit empty.

Sale signs will be posted in my booth and the discount will be taken at the register.  Don’t hesitate to remind the cashier that my items are 40% off.  They DO keep a list of which vendors are having sales, but with that many vendors it can get confusing.  So feel free to politely inquire as they ring you up.

It felt SO good to take out the Halloween stuff today and rearrange and tidy up a bit!  And both spaces are looking great (if I do say so myself!  hehe)   I’ll probably let things ‘sell down’ for at least a week before I add more items.

IF you can’t make it in to Stars right away for a certain item, you CAN buy it over the phone with a credit/debit card; and pick it up later in the week.  I have NO IDEA how fast/slowly things will go!  I never really have ‘sales’ at Stars!

I will keep the blog ‘up to date’, showing you what new items I’ve added here in the blog.

I’m toying with the idea of ‘skipping Christmas’; and not bringing in Christmas specific product.  I have MUCH less leftover from last year than I thought I had.  And Halloween didn’t sell worth a darn!  Just might not be the best venue for ‘holiday’ decor.

And just not sure I want to distract shoppers from my ‘regular’ items???  Does that make ANY sense???

DOH!  I forgot about those couple of metallic fall pumpkins!

So if you’ve never made the trek to my space at Stars, or need a  good excuse for some shopping therapy . . .  NOW is the time to do it.



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  1. Ohhhhh….NOW I know who you are! I live in Bend, but your space is my favorite at Stars, which I go to every time I visit Portland. I will definitely be making a trip over the mountains this weekend! What fun!!!!

  2. Love Love your work makes me want to get moving on my artwork and crafts. How much do you pay for your booth at Star’s? I want to do something like that here in Michigan.


  3. Hi Kimmie,

    Rates for space at Antique and/or craft malls varies greatly with each location. AND most malls offer different sizes. The 8’x10′ space I have is $295.00 per month PLUS 12% commission on sales.

    Also be prepared to pay first and last month’s rent in advance. Stars does not have a ‘set’ amount of time that you are obligated to stay (like a 6 mo. lease) but other malls I have been in in the past DO. They don’t want vendors coming in JUST for the busy holiday season then leaving.

    Stars requires a 60 notice to move out. 30-60 day notice is pretty standard. SOME mall type stores also require vendors to WORK one or two shifts a month. Stars does not.

    Do your homework and do the MATH before you take the leap and you’ll have a successful venture!


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