Vintage book pages trees

I made these at LEAST a year ago, and could have SWORN that I had posted them on my blog?!?!?  Must have been about the time my computer crashed I guess, and I lost all my old pictures.  Anyhoooooooooooooo . . .

I love how these cone trees covered with tea stained vintage book pages turned out!

I had made some wreaths with the tea stained book pages too.  That got me to thinking of doing some trees.

The tallest cone was a thrifted styro cone.  Since hot glue (which is what I used for the leaves) and styrofoam don’t ‘get along too well’ I applied a layer of paper to the styro cone first.  Just used up a bunch of my tea stained scraps and tacky glue.  The tacky glue doesn’t really stick to the styro either, so this layer of paper is basically a ‘skin’ glued over the top of the styro, staying in place because it’s a solid covering of pieces glued together.  (I hope that makes sense!)

The small cones were vintage plastic industrial thread spools.  I glued a piece of cardboard to the bottom first, then covered them with book pages scraps before gluing on the leaves.

Attach the leaves starting at the BOTTOM.  Alternate your rows as you go up; putting the next row of leaves BETWEEN the previous rows spaces.  Go back to this previous post  for instructions on tea staining the leaves.

The TOPS of the trees proved to be a bit problematic for me at first.  It looked odd if I just ‘stopped’ adding leaves.  So I tried gluing some leaves to look like they were ‘sprouting’ out of the top.  That was worse!  So they sat like that for several days and I finally just grabbed hold of them and scrunched them together and twisted them into a point!  Voila!

I wasn’t really intending them to be for Christmas, but I had a bunch of these tiny scrapbook snowflakes and decided to use them up!

Michael says he thinks they need glitter!  And while I agree that glitter along the edges of the leaves would have been fabulous, I would have to do that BEFORE assembling the trees.  And I’m not sure anyone would want to PAY what I would have to charge for individually hand glittering the edges of a hundred little paper leaves!

But, if I decide to make more of these, I probably will explore the option of adding glitter; at least to some of the leaves.

These will be going to my booth at Stars next week.

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